Natural remedies for bee sting

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The bee’s tail has a hard thorn. That connects with the internal organs of the body. When the bee stings, the venom in the “venom gland” will flow into the body along with the sting. It will cause swelling, heat pain, dizziness, fever, wheezing, and nausea. Let’s take a look at how to deal with bee stings.

How to deal when stung by a bee

  1. Bee stings cause pain and itching on the skin surface. Also, it causes allergic stimulation such as swelling and heat, and inflammatory reaction. If the toxic needle is stung to the skin, it should be immediately taken out.
  2. Applying Ice is suitable for the area to reduce the pain and swelling after stung by a bee. If the pain is severe, you can take some painkillers.
  3. After stung by bees, there is a tendency for it to spread and cause allergies. You can take allergy medications such as benzydamine and chlorpheniramine.
  4. After stung by bees, you can take some alkaline noodles and apply them to the stung place. Although this method is simple, it is actually very effective.

What are the natural remedies for bee sting

  • Wash an onion, cut a slice, and apply on the wound. It also causes swelling and pain relief.
  • Squeeze the old cucumber’s juice and apply it to the stung place several times a day.
  • Take fresh dandelion, lobelia, or viola. Wash well and grind it. Applying it around the wound will bring good healing.
  • Take soapy water, 5-10% sodium bicarbonate water, 3% ammonia water, sugar water, or saltwater to wash the wound.
  • Fresh breast milk has a wonderful effect on bee stings. For best effect, it should be applied to the wound several times a day.

“Prevention is better than cure” how to prevent bee sting

If bees are near you, stand still and keep calm. Do not be nervous. The bees will not harm you as long as you do not move. If you choose to attack, the bees will also consider you the target of the attack.

If you are going out for a hike, you should choose clothes with a smooth surface and a light color. Wear trousers that can be tied to boots. Do not wear clothes with a rough surface and dark color. It easily allows bees to land.

If you pass a place where the grass is very high and has reached knee height, you should be careful to move forward. Once you find a trace of bees or poisonous bees, try to choose another way not to disturb the bees.

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On rainy days the bees will choose to stay in the hive. The colony may be impatient because there are too many bees. If you pass their colony on a day like this, you are more likely to be attacked.

When climbing mountains, you have to focus on the rock and the branches. This is because some bees choose to rest on the branches. Flowers gather and garbage gather are also favorite places for bees.

If you are accidentally attacked by bees, immediately protect your head and neck with clothing. Cover all exposed parts of your body and, at the same time, run to the opposite direction of the hive or bee colony.

Do not try to fight back; otherwise, the bees will fight more bravely.

Important facts to keep in mind about bee sting

If there is still a tendency to spread after taking the drug, it may be an allergic reaction. You can take some anti-allergy drugs or go to the hospital immediately.

It is best to observe closely for 30 minutes after a bee sting. It is important to see if there is an allergic reaction to bee venom. If you notice dyspnea, coarsening voice, wheezing, they should be rushed to the nearest hospital.

Ordinary patients will only have pain, redness, and swelling. Allergic patients will have a headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, and other symptoms. If there is an allergic patient should treat in time.

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