What is white honey? What are the health benefits?

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White honey does not refer to a certain kind of honey. It is a general term for honey that crystallizes into white. These can be found in locust honey, basswood honey, rape nectar, etc. These are all white or light white after crystallization. So this honey can be called white honey. Let’s take a look at the efficacy, health function, and edible methods!

What is white honey

White honey refers to honey that color white. In fact, some honey itself is white or light white. For example, acacia honey is water white or light amber. Wild osmanthus honey is water white or extra light color.

Some honey is getting white after crystallization. For example, basswood honey (light amber) is milky white or light yellow after crystallization, and rapeseed honey (extra light amber) milky white. This honey can be collectively referred to as white honey.

Supplementary nutrition and health benefits of white honey

White honey is rich in nutrients. Its rich glucose and fructose are important sources of energy for the body. Its vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and other components can meet human normal metabolism needs for different nutrients.

It can enhance the immune capacity of the body. Its organic acids, active enzymes, and other components can adjust the gastrointestinal function. Also, it can help the body absorb food nutrition. Therefore, eating white honey can supplement the necessary nutrients for the body.

Enhances your immunity

The immune system is the last line of defense for health. The most intuitive manifestation is that people with low immunity get sick easily and recover more slowly than normal people.

The active enzymes, vitamins, and minerals in white honey can stimulate T and B lymphocytes’ proliferation. It can activate medium white blood cells to improve the immunity of the body significantly. Therefore, people with low immunity can be appropriate to eat some white honey to enhance immunity. Make sure that they have no high blood pressure or diabetes.

Helps your digestion

White honey can help digestion. The reason is, it’s rich in active enzymes such as a digestive enzyme, esterifying enzyme, amylase, etc.

  • The digestive enzyme can decompose food into small molecules that the human body can absorb.
  • The esterifying enzyme can decompose fat.
  • The amylase can catalyze starch hydrolysis.

Also, there are rich organic acids in white honey. These organic acids can stimulate gastric acid secretion and promote gastrointestinal peristalsis. People with dyspepsia can eat some white honey to regulate their intestines and stomach.

Effects anti-aging

The anti-aging effect of white honey is the result of synergistic effects in many aspects.

Firstly, hormone imbalance is an important reason for human aging. White honey can indirectly stimulate the pineal gland to secrete hormones to maintain hormone balance in the body.

Secondly, excessive oxygen free radicals in the body are an important factor in aging. The antioxidant substances contained in white honey can remove oxygen free radicals in the body.

Finally, the activity of white honey is rich in enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that can enhance the body’s immune function.

What are the edible methods of white honey

The eating method of white honey is simple. The most common is brewing honey water. Just take the appropriate amount of white honey and brew with 40 ℃ warm boiled water and mix evenly. Some people like to match some other materials in the specific production process.

Just like-

  • Adding some lemon juice to make lemon honey water.
  • Adding red dates to make red date honey water.
  • Adding ginger to make ginger honey water.

When eating bread, steamed bread, and other food, spread some white honey on it.

The taboos of eating white honey

The biggest taboo of white honey is that people with diabetes can’t eat it. The reason is that it contains a lot of sugar, and it is difficult to conducive to the control of blood sugar.

Secondly, it is better not to take white honey on an empty stomach. If you take it on an empty stomach for a long time, it may lead to gastrointestinal diseases due to excessive gastric acid.

Also, the active enzymes in white honey are not resistant to high temperatures. Brewing with water over 60 ℃ will lead to enzyme inactivation and reduce nutritional value.

Finally, excessive consumption of white honey is very harmful to health.

Most famous honey in china – FYI

White honey is a general term for white color honey or honey that is white after crystallization. Its nutritional value and edible method are no different from that of general honey. It is important to note that people with diabetes or hyperglycemic people must not eat it because they eat white honey is no different from adding frost on snow.

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