Are Fishnet Stockings Appropriate? This Is For You

You can generally wear fishnet stockings as a more casual and edgy choice than other hosiery types. However, it’s important to consider the occasion and setting when deciding their appropriateness. Fishnet stockings may be unsuitable for formal events or job interviews due to their casual nature. But don’t worry, if you wear them thoughtfully; they can add a touch of glamour to a casual outfit. The key is to choose well-fitting, high-quality fishnet stockings that are not see-through or uncomfortable.

When it’s colder outside, you can pair fishnets with opaque tights or leggings to warm your legs. In the summertime, you can wear them on their own or with a lightweight skirt or dress. Selecting a style that flatters your figure is important to ensure you look your best, as different fishnet patterns and sizes can enhance different body types.

Avoid wearing fishnet stockings with overly revealing clothing to maintain appropriateness. For example, pairing them with a short skirt or dress is not recommended, as it may give off a provocative impression. Instead, opt for a more conservative ensemble. And if you’re ever unsure about the appropriateness of an outfit, it’s always a good idea to choose an alternative option.

While fishnet stockings are typically associated with a more casual and daring aesthetic, they can still be worn elegantly and professionally. Neutral colors such as black, brown, or nude are generally considered more appropriate for daytime and work settings.

So, fishnet stockings can be appropriate when worn elegantly, matched with appropriate clothing, and following the dress code of the occasion. By keeping these guidelines in mind, you can confidently incorporate fishnet stockings into your wardrobe while ensuring appropriateness for different situations.

Let’s go deeper for more information about wearing fishnet stockings in different locations, their appropriateness, and much more.

Are fishnet stockings work appropriate?

Fishnet stockings should typically be avoided for work. They are connected to an overly sexy way of showing femininity that can shift attention from professional jobs.

But, if you want to wear fishnet stockings to work, you can choose dull-colored fishnets that match with other neutral shades like denim or khaki clothes. You should avoid fishnets with printed models, flowers, and tears as they are too eye-catching for the office environment. Dark shades like black, brown, and nude fishnets could work for daytime.

Remember, fishnets project the wearer as daring and seductive, qualities a young professional should not describe themselves at work.

Fishnet stocking legs

When thinking about wearing fishnet stockings to work, consider the following:

  • The dress code policy. Ensure fishnets are allowed.
  • The workplace culture. More relaxed workplaces offer more leniency.
  • The job you do. Jobs requiring client interaction advise avoiding fishnets, which can appear improper in some settings.

Neutral-colored fishnets with the right outfit and extras can be worn smartly to work based on dress code, fishnet size, and skirt or dress length. However, I propose wearing fishnets to work elegantly with the right outfit and extras. Darker shades like black, brown, and nude fishnets are sometimes viewed as more appropriate for the workday.

What age is appropriate for fishnet stockings?

Age doesn’t matter. Any girl of any age can wear fishnet stockings if they choose to do so. However, it is important to note that some men may struggle to differentiate between clothing choices and sexual invitations.

Fishnet stockings are often associated with a more provocative image than plain stockings, attracting unwanted attention from men who may ogle or make inappropriate comments, especially when worn with revealing outfits.

Girls should be free to express themselves through their clothing choices, but they should also be prepared to handle any unwelcome attention that may come with it. Girls need to consider if they are ready to deal with potential trouble that may arise from wearing fishnet stockings.

Unfortunately, many men still need to mature and change their attitudes toward women’s clothing choices. However, it is worth noting that there are also men who are becoming more enlightened and respectful.

It is ultimately up to the individual girl to decide what feels right for her and to understand the potential implications of her clothing choices.

When a 13-year-old girl desires to dress differently, such as wearing fishnets under ripped black jeans, it may stem from a craving for attention and a desire to be noticed. Looking back, that same 13-year-old girl would likely be grateful she didn’t wear fishnets at that age.

During that time, she was navigating through a period of self-discovery and making impulsive decisions like bleaching her hair. Although she may still be spontaneous now, she has learned to discuss her choices with friends before acting on them.

Finally, wearing fishnet stockings at any age should be based on personal preference and comfort. It is essential to remember that clothing is just clothing, and girls should not be defined solely by their attire.

The focus should shift towards empowering girls to be confident in their choices and to embrace their individuality without judgment or assumptions based on what they wear.

Girl wearing a different blue color fishnet stocking

Are fishnet tights flattering?

If you choose the right size and color and pair fishnet tights with the right outfit, they can really make your legs look their best.

Select the correct size. Fishnet tights should be tight but not too tight. If they are too tight, they’ll be uncomfortable and make their legs look bigger. If they are too loose, they’ll sag and not look good.

Pick the right color. Black fishnet tights are most versatile but also available in nude, white, and red. The color depends on the occasion and style.

Pair with the right outfit. Fishnet tights can be dressed up or down, so choose the right outfit to match. Pair it with a dress or skirt and heels for a formal look. For a casual look, pair it with jeans or shorts and sneakers.

Accessorize. Fishnet tights can be accessorized with jewelry, belts, and scarves. Accessories can help draw attention to legs and make them more flattering.

Fishnet tights can make you look amazing and youthful, but they can be unflattering if worn too daringly, like fishnets with flower patterns, diamonds, or tears. Fishnet tights can be unflattering if worn in a way that takes away from a professional image.

Are fishnets risque?

Fishnet stockings are generally seen as risque due to their association with a highly sexualized performance of femininity since the 19th century. They have been linked to adult entertainment and are popular among goth and punk fashion enthusiasts, but they have also gained mainstream acceptance as a fashion statement.

Whether fishnets are considered risque depends on factors like context, personal style, and cultural norms. Compared to opaque tights or pantyhose, fishnets are generally viewed as more provocative because they reveal skin through the holes.

There are a few reasons why fishnets might be seen as risque. Firstly, they are often associated with lingerie and are favored by burlesque dancers and performers aiming for a sexy image.

Secondly, fishnets draw attention to the body, accentuating its contours. This can make some people uncomfortable. Lastly, fishnets are seen as a symbol of rebellion or non-conformity, particularly in subcultures like punk and goth.

Ultimately, whether fishnets are considered risque is subjective. Some people feel comfortable wearing them in public, while others prefer to reserve them for more private settings. It’s important to consider cultural norms and dress according to personal comfort.

Here are some tips for wearing fishnets in a less risque manner:

  • Choose neutral colors like black or nude.
  • Pair fishnets with longer skirts or dresses for more coverage.
  • Avoid combining fishnet stockings with miniskirts or revealing garments.
  • Dress them up with heels or dress shoes.
  • Keep makeup and hairstyle simple.

By following these suggestions, you can incorporate fishnet stockings into your outfit while maintaining an appropriate and balanced look that aligns with your personal style and comfort level.

Are fishnets appropriate for school?

No, fishnet tights should not be worn to school. They tend to be inappropriate for the school environment for several reasons:

Fishnet tights can be perceived as too overtly sexy or provocative for school. Women mainly wear them for fashion purposes rather than as everyday hosiery. The mesh-like design and revealing nature of fishnet tights can draw unwanted attention at school, where clothing needs to be respectable.

Wearing fishnet tights at school may give the impression that the student is more interested in their appearance than in their studies. Fishnet tights are generally considered a distracting accessory rather than a functional item of clothing. Students should aim to dress in a manner that promotes concentration on learning.

The designed patterns on some fishnet tights with cutouts, rips, or decorative shapes only enhance their image as a trendy or stylish item. This kind of styling is unimportant and out of place in a school setting where clothing needs to be practical, appropriate, and conducive to learning.

In conclusion, fishnet tights are best reserved for occasions outside of school because they tend to be perceived as flashy, eye-catching, and distracting. School dress codes generally recommend plain pantyhose, tights, or stockings for students instead of patterned or lacy designs like fishnets to minimize distractions and maintain decorum.

Are fishnets in style 2023?

Yes, indeed, fishnets are absolutely in fashion and popular for 2023. There are multiple styles and ways to wear fishnets that provide many outfit options. Fishnets can be dressed up for formal occasions or dressed down for casual wear.

First, fishnet tights can be paired with dresses and skirts for a stylish formal look. The fishnets add an edgy element to the outfit. Black fishnets work best for a night out with a little black dress and heels.

Second, fishnets go well with ripped jeans and shorts for a trendy casual outfit. Fishnets with casual clothing bring a playful vibe. Wearing them with Converse sneakers makes for a comfortable daytime ensemble.

Next, accessorizing fishnet tights is an easy way to complete the fashionable appearance. Belts, necklaces, and scarves complement the fishnets and dress up even basic clothing. A statement piece of jewelry elevates a simple dress and fishnet combo.

Black fishnets remain the essential style due to their versatility. They match nearly any outfit day or night.

Colorful fishnets bring happiness to any ensemble and add vibrancy. They pair well with both bright and neutral hues.

Sheer mesh fishnets accentuate legs and hips. They are particularly fitting for mini skirts and shorts since they allow the skin to show through.

In conclusion, fishnets continue to trend in 2023 due to the assortment of ways to style and wear them. From formal to casual, numerous outfit options utilizing fishnet tights provide on-trend fashion.

Pink color fishnet stocking legs

Why do celebrities wear fishnet tights?

There are various reasons why celebrities wear fishnet tights. For fashion, comfort, and branding purposes, fishnet tights can help create a style statement, express sexuality, and promote the celebrity’s brand.

Fishnet tights are a popular fashion item many celebrities wear to showcase their sense of style. The versatile and edgy design can complement numerous outfits when dressed up or down. As a trending fashion accessory this season, celebrities have been seen donning various fishnet tights looks.

Fishnet tights can create a sexy and alluring appearance when worn by celebrities. The revealing nature accentuates legs and adds allure to an outfit. Many celebrities embrace the tacit sexuality of fishnet tights by wearing them to red-carpet events.

Fishnet tights can comfort celebrities who will be standing for lengthy performances or long nights. The breathable material keeps the legs warm without feeling too heavy. Certain celebrities even wear comfortable fishnet footies.

Some celebrities endorse and promote certain fishnet tights brands to extend their personal brand. By wearing a brand’s fishnet tights, a celebrity can help boost awareness and sales for that company while also further connecting with fans.

In summary, fishnet tights have become a go-to fashion item and style statement for celebrities seeking to showcase sex appeal, a sense of fashion, and brand endorsements. Fishnet tights’ versatile yet provocative nature helps create eye-catching and headline-worthy outfits for red carpets and performances.


Fishnet stockings can be a casual and edgy choice, but their appropriateness depends on the occasion and setting. They may not be suitable for formal events or job interviews. However, they can add glamour to a casual outfit with thoughtful styling.

Consider wearing them with opaque tights in colder weather or lightweight skirts in the summer. Avoid overly revealing clothing and choose neutral colors.

Fishnets can be worn elegantly and professionally with the right outfit and dress code. Age is not a determining factor for wearing fishnet stockings, but the attention and potential implications should be considered.

Proper sizing, color choice, and outfit pairing can make fishnet tights flattering. Fishnets are often seen as risque due to their association with sexuality and non-conformity. Wearing them can be subjective and depend on personal comfort and cultural norms.

Regarding school, fishnet tights are generally considered inappropriate due to their provocative nature and potential distractions.

Fishnets remain in style for 2023, offering versatile formal and casual wear options. Celebrities wear fishnet tights for fashion, comfort, and branding purposes, embracing their style, showcasing sex appeal, and promoting brands.


Do fishnets make me look thinner?

Fishnet tights and stockings create an illusion of thinning the legs and adding shape. Particularly those with smaller holes make legs look thinner by defining curves while also adding “hold” and structure.

Why are fishnets considered hot?

Fishnets showcase the legs and create a sense of teasing transparency, making them sexually appealing garments.

What should I wear under fishnets?

When wearing fishnets, you have options: go commando for a daring look, wear a thong for coverage, opt for a camisole for comfort, or try lingerie for added sexiness. Choose what suits your style and preferences best. Just ensure that the fishnets are opaque enough to avoid wardrobe malfunctions if you skip wearing underwear.

What age is appropriate for fishnet stockings?

The general consensus is that fishnet stockings are more appropriate for adults than minors due to their revealing and sexually provocative nature.

Do fishnets go over or under socks?

I recommend wearing socks over your fishnet stockings to protect your toes from irritation.