10 Female News Anchors With Short Hair

When it comes to news anchors, their on-screen presence and appearance play a significant role in capturing the audience’s attention. One aspect that stands out among female news anchors is their hairstyles. While long and flowing locks have been the traditional norm, there is a growing trend of female news anchors embracing shorter haircuts. These confident and influential women are breaking stereotypes and making their mark with their stylish and sophisticated short hairstyles.

This article will explore a list of female news anchors who rock short hair. I will discuss their contributions to journalism and how their hair choices reflect their unique personalities and professionalism. From iconic bobs to chic pixie cuts, these news anchors deliver the news with authority and inspire viewers with their individuality and confidence. Join me as we celebrate these trailblazing women who are redefining beauty standards in the world of broadcast journalism.

Female news anchors with short hair

Amy Robach, ABC News

Amy Robach

Amy cut her hair short while undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, which she was diagnosed with in 2013. This shows her strength and resilience in a difficult health battle.

By choosing to cut her hair short before it started falling out from the chemotherapy, Amy took control of the situation on her own terms. This gave her a sense of agency during an otherwise out-of-control time.

Amy wanted to set an example for other women facing breast cancer. By being brave and cutting her hair short, she showed her “sisters” that living with courage is the best way to live with any illness.

Amy’s Good Morning America co-workers praised her for openly sharing her breast cancer journey. She helped raise awareness and create a dialogue about a significant health issue by telling her story.

As she underwent treatment, cutting her hair short was a practical choice for Amy. A short, low-maintenance style is easier to deal with during chemotherapy.

Since her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, Amy has continued rocking her shaggy bob hairstyle. This showcases the empowering message that your hair does not define your womanhood or beauty. She looks just as stylish and put-together with short hair.

In summary, Amy’s decision to cut her hair short was much more than a style change. It represented her fighting spirit, refusal to be defeated, and desire to help others by sharing her story openly. Her short hair symbolizes her strength and resilience through adversity.

Robin Roberts, ABC News

Robin Roberts

Robin has been rocking short haircuts for decades, dating back to her time as a sports anchor at ESPN in the 1990s. She is known for her signature pixie cut and close-cropped styles.

In 2007, Robin publicly discussed losing her hair during chemotherapy as she battled myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), a blood and bone marrow disease. Like Amy Robach, Robin saw cutting her hair short as a way to take control during a difficult period.

In 2021, Robin unveiled a slightly longer hairstyle that was still short by most standards. While she kept her hair cropped short during and after cancer treatment, she has experimented with longer pixie cuts.

Robin’s hair has become synonymous with her distinct on-air persona regardless of the length. She is often seen wearing trendy glasses and colorful attire and exuding a confident demeanor. Her natural curls add to the distinctive vibe she brings to ABC’s GMA.

Robin’s hair transformations mirror significant moments in her life and career. Her initial shortcut marked a problematic health battle, while longer styles signaled a period of recovery and renewal.

Ultimately, Robin proves that beauty comes in many forms and hair length does not define a woman. Her powerful personality, warmth, and authenticity shine through on TV, regardless of hairstyle.

In summary, Robin Roberts’ various short haircuts – from buzz cuts to longer pixie – reflect different seasons of her life while staying true to her signature style. Despite hair changes, her strength of character, openhearted spirit, and dynamic presence on GMA have remained constant.

Maria Shriver, NBC News

Maria Shriver

Maria has frequently been seen sporting a chin-length blunt bob with a side-swept part. This low-maintenance style suits her professional image and busy schedule.

She rarely changed her look drastically, keeping her hair mostly shoulder-length or shorter for decades. This consistency in styling mirrored the consistency of her journalism career.

After leaving NBC News in 2004, Maria cut her hair into a short, choppy pixie cut. Some criticized the style as too severe for her face shape, so she grew it into a longer bob again.

Despite some variation in length over the years, Maria has maintained the same silhouette – a short, tidy style with little volume or variation. This understated professionalism matches her severe and substantive approach to journalism.

Maria’s blond hair has lightened slightly with age, transitioning from honey tones to ashier, more fabulous shades that still complement her fair complexion. But the basic style remains unchanged.

Short hair often requires less styling and upkeep, making it a practical choice for busy journalists and news anchors with hectic schedules. Maria likely appreciates the easy maintenance.

However, Maria’s hair is more than just a realistic style – it has become emblematic of her persona, dignity, and grace that shines through her coverage of weighty issues over many decades in broadcasting.

So, in summary, Maria Shriver‘s short bob cut is essentially a low-maintenance choice. However, it has also become symbolic of her success, poise, and wisdom. These qualities were acquired through her long, distinguished career as an award-winning journalist, author, and advocate.

Diane Sawyer, ABC News

Diane Sawyer

Diane Sawyer is a veteran television journalist who served as an ABC News correspondent and anchor from 1989 to 2014. She is best known for anchoring ABC’s news magazine show Primetime from 1999 to 2009 and co-anchoring ABC World News with Charles Gibson from 2009 to 2014.

Diane is known for her signature short hairstyle – a short bob or chin-length cut that she has worn for decades. Her short hair adds to her authoritative yet approachable image.

Diane began her journalism career in the 1970s, reporting for CBS News and then hosting CBS Morning News from 1984 to 1989. She has reported on many major news stories, including politics, wars, natural disasters, the O.J. Simpson trial, and celebrity interviews.

In 2014, Diane left ABC World News to become a special correspondent for ABC News and anchor of 20/20. She officially retired from ABC News in 2020 after more than 30 years with the network.

Diane’s short haircuts – from bobs to pixie styles – have been a constant throughout her decades-long career in television news. The styles suit her authoritative yet approachable image.

So, in summary, Diane Sawyer is a pioneering journalist who helped shape network news during a distinguished career at ABC News. She was known for her authoritative reporting, signature short hairstyles, and skillful interviewing.

Gayle King, CBS News

Gayle King

Gayle King is a journalist and television personality who serves as the editor-at-large of O, The Oprah Magazine, and co-anchor of CBS This Morning.

She joined CBS News in 2012 and has co-hosted CBS This Morning since then. She previously worked for WFSB-TV in Connecticut and WJBK in Michigan.

Gayle is known for her short, textured hairstyles that are salt and pepper shades. She wears bobs and pixie cuts with fringe that suit her youthful yet sophisticated image.

Gayle began her broadcast journalism career in 1974 before transitioning into national television in the 1990s. She has interviewed countless celebrities, politicians, and public figures over her career.

Gayle scored a major coup in 2019 by securing an interview with R&B singer R. Kelly after his arrest on sexual abuse charges. The interview garnered significant media attention.

In 2020, she conducted several high-profile interviews with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry about their decision to resign from royal duties.

Gayle has won several awards for her journalism, including four Emmy Awards and a Gracie Award from American Women in Radio and Television.

She received a degree in English from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, before beginning her career in local news.

Gayle’s short, tousled hairstyles – including bobs and pixie cuts in salt-and-pepper shades – have become part of her recognizable and relatable image. Her styles are consistently on-trend yet classic.

So, in summary, Gayle King is a veteran broadcast journalist and news anchor known for her signature short hairstyles, tough yet compassionate interview skills, and widespread appeal as a TV personality.

Savannah Guthrie, NBC News

Savannah Guthrie

Savannah Guthrie, a TV journalist and senior legal and justice correspondent for NBC News, has made a name for herself through her various roles and accomplishments. Since joining NBC News in 2011, she has reported on significant events such as presidential elections, Supreme Court nominations, and national tragedies.

In her position, Savannah has had the opportunity to interview prominent politicians, including President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. She practiced law with an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University and a law degree from the University of Virginia before transitioning to journalism.

As a co-host of The Today Show since 2012, Savannah anchors the first two hours alongside Hoda Kotb. Her warm presenting style is complemented by her short, textured hairstyles, which give her a youthful and approachable personality.

Whether sporting bobs, layered cuts, or tousled waves, Savannah consistently chooses shoulder-length or shorter styles that frame her face in a flattering yet low-maintenance way.

In summary, Savannah Guthrie’s successful career, engaging interviews, and charismatic on-screen presence make her a respected figure in the field of journalism.

Rachel Maddow, MSNBC

Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow, an American television host, political commentator, and author, has established herself as a prominent figure in the media landscape. Her show, The Rachel Maddow Show, debuted in 2008 and is dedicated to political news and in-depth reporting on current issues.

As an openly lesbian host, Rachel is recognized for her unique style, often wearing suits and ties that complement her short hairstyle. Her androgynous fashion choices have become a signature part of her image.

Before her television career, Rachel gained prominence as a radio host and commentator, earning multiple Billboard awards for her show on Air America. With a doctorate in political science from Oxford University, she has a solid academic background and worked as an AIDS and HIV researcher and activist.

Rachel’s interviews with high-profile politicians, including President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, showcase her insightful questioning and analytical approach. Her short haircuts and masculine attire contribute to her authoritative demeanor, aligning with her intellectual approach to discussing complex political issues.

Although her androgynous style has occasionally sparked controversy and accusations of political messaging, Rachel’s short hair has become an iconic and recognizable part of her persona as a sharp and outspoken political commentator.

Joy Reid, MSNBC

Joy Reid

Joy Reid, an American cable television host, journalist, political commentator, and author, has established herself as a prominent figure in the media. Joining MSNBC as a contributor in 2011, she became a full-time host in 2015 and has been hosting AM Joy, a one-hour political talk show, since 2016.

Joy is known for her stylish short haircuts, ranging from shoulder-length bobs to longer pixie styles, which have varied throughout her time at MSNBC. With a law degree from Harvard Law School, she transitioned from a career as a prosecutor and litigator to journalism.

As a political commentator, Joy is vocal about LGBTQ rights, racial justice, women’s rights, and healthcare policy, identifying as a progressive. In 2021, she faced controversy when old blog posts containing anti-gay rhetoric resurfaced, for which she apologized. Joy’s short haircuts project authority and professionalism, enhancing her presence as an outspoken political voice.

Despite their sophistication, her short styles, such as tapered bobs and tousled pixies, maintain a touch of femininity and trendiness that complement her socially conscious messaging and pointed critiques.

Furthermore, Joy’s natural hair proudly represents her racial identity as a Black woman in the predominantly white space of cable news.

In summary, Joy Reid’s career as an MSNBC anchor and political commentator is characterized by her stylish short hairstyles, progressive perspectives, and ability to command attention while staying true to her identity and sense of style.

Stephanie Ruhle, MSNBC

Stephanie Ruhle

Stephanie Ruhle, an American journalist and television host, has made a name for herself as a business correspondent for NBC News and MSNBC. She anchors MSNBC Live with Stephanie Ruhle and co-hosts the network’s 9 a.m. hour with Hallie Jackson.

Stephanie is often seen sporting shoulder-length, textured cuts with choppy layers and fringe, ranging from tousled bobs to longer, shaggy styles. With over a decade of experience as a senior correspondent and business anchor for CNBC, Stephanie joined MSNBC in 2016.

Her coverage extends to major financial stories such as the Great Recession, the European debt crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Through her interviews with influential business leaders and politicians like Barack Obama, Janet Yellen, and Bill Gates, Stephanie showcases her prowess as a journalist.

After graduating magna cum laude from Pennsylvania State University, she began her journalism career as an associate producer at CNBC. Stephanie’s short hairstyles exude authority and professionalism, fitting her role as a business journalist and news anchor while maintaining a trendy and youthful vibe.

Her light brown hair complements her approachable yet substantive on-air presence, avoiding the harshness often associated with “anchor color.”

In summary, Stephanie Ruhle’s versatile short hairstyles align with her multifaceted skills as an explainer of complex financial matters and a capable host who tackles broader social and political topics.

Andrea Mitchell, NBC News

Andrea Mitchell

Andrea Mitchell, an American broadcast journalist and reporter for NBC News, holds the position of chief foreign affairs correspondent and anchors the show Andrea Mitchell Reports on MSNBC. With her chin-length gray bob, she has established her short haircut as her trademark look.

Andrea’s career began in the early 1970s as a newspaper reporter for the Washington Post before transitioning to broadcast news. Throughout her nearly 50-year tenure in broadcast journalism, she has covered important stories, including conflicts in the Middle East, terrorist attacks, and President Bill Clinton’s impeachment.

Conducting interviews with notable political figures such as Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden, Andrea’s reporting has garnered numerous accolades, including multiple Emmy Awards, a Peabody Award, and the distinction of being named the “Most Powerful Woman in Media” by the Hollywood Reporter.

Having earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Brown University, Andrea started her career as a rookie political reporter for the Washington Star. Her short, blunt hairstyle enhances her authoritative presence, ideally suited to her role as a serious journalist covering foreign affairs and national politics.

While her chin-length bob has matured gracefully with her graying hair, its overall silhouette has remained consistent, becoming instantly recognizable alongside her name.

In summary, Andrea Mitchell is an acclaimed NBC News correspondent and anchor known for her astute reporting on national politics and foreign affairs, symbolized by her distinctive chin-length bob hairstyle that has become synonymous with her enduring career in journalism.

Why do news anchors have short hair?

The reasons behind news anchors choosing to have short hair are multifaceted and can be influenced by various factors. Some women in the news industry may feel compelled to conform to specific appearance standards, including sporting short hair, to be perceived as professional and credible.

Hairstyles carry social implications tied to competence, authority, and professionalism. Cultural assumptions about what constitutes an “authoritative” appearance can shape the acceptance of specific styles within certain roles.

However, it is important to note that not all news anchors opt for short hair to conform. Some genuinely prefer shorter hairstyles for practical reasons. The prevalence of female anchors with short or medium haircuts suggests that short hair has become normalized and encouraged to a certain extent within the industry.

While a shift is happening, with more anchors embracing longer or racially-textured hairstyles, prevailing expectations still exist for a specific anchoring “look” that includes particular hairstyles.

Ultimately, the choice of hairstyle for news anchors results from a combination of personal agency, the practical demands of the job, and societal pressures to conform. These factors influence the ultimate decision on the hairstyles that news anchors adopt. It is important to recognize that beauty standards are evolving, and we may witness more significant variation in acceptable anchoring hairstyles as time progresses.

In summary, while many news anchors mention practical reasons for preferring short hair, the predominance of short hairstyles among anchors can be attributed, at least in part, to industry norms and societal expectations regarding professionalism and authority. The complex interplay of individual preferences, occupational requirements, and cultural influences offers the most comprehensive explanation for why news anchors tend to have short hair. As beauty standards continue to transform, we may anticipate a broader range of accepted anchoring hairstyles in the future.


Do female news anchors typically wear their hair up or down for morning broadcasts?

Female news anchors typically wear their hair up for morning broadcasts. This is because it is considered more professional and polished and helps keep their hair out of their faces. However, some female news anchors wear their hair down for morning broadcasts, which is also perfectly acceptable. Ultimately, it is up to the individual news anchor to decide what they feel most comfortable and confident in.

How do news anchors’ hairstyles differ for different types of news stories?

News anchors’ hairstyles can differ for different types of news stories. For example, they may wear their hair up for more severe or sad stories, and they may wear their hair down for more lighthearted or fun stories. They may also choose to wear their hair differently depending on the time of day or the occasion.

Are female African American news anchors allowed to wear their hair natural on air?

Yes, female African American news anchors are allowed to wear their hair naturally on air. In recent years, there has been a growing movement to challenge the stereotypes and biases that have long been associated with natural black hair. This movement has led to several changes in how black women are represented in the media, including the increasing visibility of black women with natural hair on television and in other forms of media.