What Should A Girl Wear For Her First Communion?

For your first communion, you’ll want to choose an outfit that adheres to your church’s guidelines while also making you feel special. First communion is an important religious milestone, so wearing a white dress is traditional.

However, it’s vital that you pick a dress you feel beautiful in. Consider styles like a simple A-line dress, lace dress, or embroidered dress. Think about the season, too – a lightweight cotton dress may be perfect for summer, while a warmer fabric is better for winter.

You’ll also want comfortable shoes and can choose to add accessories if you’d like, such as a veil or tiara. Take your preferences into account when your parents shop for dresses. Having an outfit you love will help you fully enjoy this meaningful ceremony.

Best dress styles for your first communion

A-line dress

A-line dress

For your First Communion, an A-line dress would be a great choice. It is one of the most popular and flattering styles.

The A-line dress has two key features that make it suitable:

  • Fitted bodice: This part of the dress will hug your top half nicely in a modest way.
  • Flared skirt: Below the waist, the skirt will flare out, creating a classic silhouette.

Fabrics like lace, tulle, and satin are commonly used to make A-line communion dresses. They flow beautifully and feel comfortable to wear.

Details like beading or sequins can make the dress extra special. But keep it simple since this day is about your faith.

An A-line dress allows you to look your best without worrying. The fit and flare will complement all body types gracefully.

You can find these styles in most stores. Try some on to see which one calls out to you the most. Choose the dress that makes you feel joyful and ready for your blessed day!

Lace dress

Girl in Lace Dress

A lace dress is another beautiful option for your First Communion. Lace comes in many pretty designs that can make your dress really special.

Some popular lace styles include:

  • Chantilly lace – Very detailed with floral patterns
  • Alencon lace – Delicate embroidery on a net-like fabric

The lace will add delicate touches that look mature. It can turn any dress design into something elegant.

You may choose from common styles like the A-line cut or even a fuller ball gown skirt. The lace part will hug your top body nicely in a modest way.

Don’t forget that small decorations like beads or sequins can complement the lace even more. Keep it simple, and let the beautiful lace shine.

A lace dress allows you to feel feminine and grown up on your special day. Be sure to try some options to find your perfect fit. The right lace dress will have you feeling joyful and ready for your blessed First Communion!

Embroidered dress

Beautiful Girl Wearing Embroidered Dress

An embroidered dress can be a very special choice for your First Communion. The embroidery will make your dress one-of-a-kind!

Some nice embroidery designs include:

  • Flowers along the neckline and skirt
  • A cross on the bodice or sleeve
  • “Jesus loves me” written on the back

You can pick designs that have meaning for you. The hand-stitched embroidery is unique and personal.

The designs can be done on many types of dresses, like A-line or strapless styles. Make sure to try dresses on to find the cut that fits you best.

Detailed embroidery takes time but creates a truly beautiful dress. All eyes will be on your special personalized gown on this important day!

A dress with your chosen religious symbols shows what this day means. You will feel proud and happy wearing a style that is perfect just for you.

Two-piece dress

Girl wearing two-piece dress

A two-piece dress set may be a great choice for your First Communion. It allows options for this special day and future wear.

Some popular two-piece styles include:

  • Top with an A-line skirt
  • Crop top and high-waist skirt
  • Peplum style top with pencil skirt
  • Cami top and maxi skirt

This lets you pick the pieces you like best. Mix and match them depending on your mood.

Fabrics such as lace, chiffon, or satin can make really nice top and bottom pairs. Small decorations on the outfit keep it festive, too.

You may wear the full set for church. Or mix the skirt with a nice blouse other times. The flexibility means you get more use from one purchase.

Best of all, you can feel comfortable all day in your two-piece set. Being able to move freely is important for special celebrations. Finding the right matching set just for you is sure to be fun!

Ball gown

Girl princess in white ball gown

A ball gown can make you feel like a real princess on your special day! The full skirt flows so beautifully when you twirl.

Ball gown styles have:

  • Fitted bodices on top that are modest and flattering
  • Large, full skirts below that billow out in dramatic circles

You can choose ball gown fabrics like satin, tulle, or lace. Small decorations like beads, sequins, or flower accents add even more glamour.

Ball gowns suit girls wanting a truly show-stopping look. All eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle at church!

After photos, you’ll feel happy revisiting that magical princess feeling. A ball gown lets your personality shine through on your memorable First Communion.

So, if feeling like royalty is what you dream of, this dress style was made for you to glow!

Tea-length dress

Girl wearing tea-length dress

A tea-length dress could be a cute option for your special day. It hits right at the mid-calf area, showing off your legs but keeping things modest.

This style is shorter than a ballgown. Yet the tea-length still looks dressy enough for church. You’ll feel comfortable moving in the not-too-long skirt.

Tea dresses come in many fabrics like lace, satin, or tulle. Small decorations like beads or ribbons can be added, too. Different necklines let you pick what flatters you best.

Choosing a tea-length means embracing a fresh twist on tradition. You’ll stand out in a modern way that feels right for this important event in your life.

Most importantly, you want to love what you wear on your Communion day. A fun tea dress may just be the perfect fit!


Girl Wearing Long Sleeve Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit could be a fun choice for your Communion outfit. It lets your unique style shine through on your special day.

Some things to consider with a jumpsuit include:

  • The weather and season. Choose a lighter fabric if hot or a heavier one for winter.
  • Your personality. Do you prefer fancy dresses or a more casual look? Pick what makes you feel great!
  • Church rules on length and fabric. Check what they allow before buying.

Jumpsuits come in lots of cool fabrics like lace, tulle, or crepe. Small decorations can be added, too.

You’ll stand out in a jumpsuit while feeling totally comfortable. And it shows off your awesome personality during the important ceremony.

Just make sure to try some on so you love how you look and feel in your dream Communion jumpsuit!

What should be considered when choosing a first communion dress?

Sleeve length

When choosing a dress for your Communion, the sleeve style is an important detail to consider.

There are different options for sleeves:

  • Sleeveless is classic and good for warmth.
  • Short sleeves can be worn in any weather and show off your arms.
  • Cap sleeves are feminine over the shoulders.
  • Long sleeves are modest and nice for colder weather.

Also, think about:

  • If outside, cooler sleeves like shorts or none may work best.
  • Check your church for modesty rules on shoulders.
  • Can you wear it again? Long sleeves allow other uses.

Whatever you pick, make sure it looks great and makes you feel comfortable. Try some styles on to find your perfect Communion dress sleeve length!


When choosing a neckline for your Communion dress, think about what looks best.

There are some classic styles:

  • Round neck is classy and modest.
  • V-neck is beautiful and flatters different faces.
  • The square neck is elegant, too.
  • Sweetheart highlights your chest nicely.

You’ll also want to think about:

  • Your church’s rules on showing skin.
  • Which neckline makes you feel prettiest.

Different necklines suit various face shapes. Trying some on helps.

Just pick the one where you truly love how you look! That way, you can shine on your special day.


Adding some nice embellishments can make your Communion dress extra special. But don’t overdo it.

Here are some good options to highlight your dress:

  • Lace is delicate and classy around the neckline or cuffs.
  • BeadsSparkly beads spell can circle the skirt bottom.
  • Embroidery of flowers or symbols looks lovely, too.

Think about:

  • Your dress style – simple or fancier. Match the level
  • Church rules on what types are okay.

Just pick one nice touch so you glow without distractions. The focus should remain on your special day!

Accessories to use for first communion dress


When picking a veil for your Communion day, there are cute styles to match your look. Fingertip veils fall to your fingertips and go with any dress. Those are always classy.

If you want something longer, chapel veils drape the floor – perfect for feeling fancy! Blusher veils just cover your face, which is nice with headpieces.

Think about your dress too. Long dresses pair well with longer veils. Shorter dresses are great with blusher veils.

Your personality should guide you. Do you like traditional or modern styles? Pick the veil that makes you smile the most!

Don’t forget you can also add extras like little flats, gloves or a bracelet. Try things on to see what you love. Your accessories make the perfect finishing touches for your special day.


Beautiful girl with flower tiara

A tiara will make you feel like a proper princess on your Communion day! They come in so many styles.

Crystal ones are always elegant. Pearls look sweet and delicate. Or floral designs are fun if that’s your vibe.

Consider what dress you’re wearing too. Fancy dresses pair nicely with detailed tiaras. More simple dresses work with pearl or plain halos.

Your personality should also guide you. Do you want a traditional or a new twist? Picture yourself – which makes you smile most?

Don’t forget to check your church rules, too. Some say tiaras must be simple halos only.

Try a few options in front of the mirror. You’ll know at once which tiara is just perfect for your special, shiny moment. Remember – you are the star that day!


Picking the perfect shoes to match your Communion outfit is important. White shoes are traditional, but any color you love works too.

Some stylish choices are Mary Jane’s – they come in lots of designs. Ballet flats are comfy too and also look fancy.

Consider your dress also. Simple dresses pair well with sparkly shoes. Busy dresses pair with simpler shoes, so neither is too distracting.

Whatever you choose, comfort matters since you’ll be on your feet all day with family photos. Pretty heels can work if they are small, so you don’t wobble!

Check the weather, too. Warm days might be good for sandals your feet can breathe in. Cooler days call for cute closed toes.

Most of all, pick shoes you really like the look of. Then you can smile all day in your favorite outfit!


When choosing jewelry for your special day, keep it understated so as not to take the focus from your dress.

Gold crosses are always meaningful and classic-looking. Pearls feel sweet and delicate, too.

You may also like charm bracelets since you can pick charms with personal meaning. This makes the jewelry extra sentimental.

Consider if your dress is simple or busy as well. Fancy dresses pair nicely with one signature piece. Plain dresses work better with simpler jewelry.

Most of all, pick whatever you feel comfortable in. You want to smile all day as the center of attention, not fidget with accessories!

Just choose something beautiful that you truly love wearing. Your happiness is what really shines through.


Mother gives the purse to a little girl

A cute small purse or wristlet bag can keep your things tidy on your special day. White is always lovely and matches any outfit.

Think about what you’ll need, like tissues, lip balm, or a tiny comb. Choose a bag just big enough so you’re not weighed down.

Wristlets feel light, and you don’t have to worry about dropping them. Regular purses can hold a bit more if you like.

Consider your dress too. Fancy dresses pair well with detailed purses. Simple dresses match better with plain white bags.

Mostly, pick what makes you smile! As long as you look beautiful inside and out, that’s all that matters. Carrying your favorites makes the day brighter.


Gloves can add the perfect elegant touch to any outfit. There are some lovely styles to pick from.

Elbow gloves feel very ladylike and cover your arms. Or wrist ones show them off but still feel grown up.

Think about fabrics, too – lace is delicately beautiful, satin is shiny and classy, and tulle is soft like a cloud! Match the material to your dress.

Try a few pairs on. See which pair you like holding your hands and which complements your whole look best without taking attention away.

Mostly, choose gloves that make you smile whenever you catch a glimpse. Your true happiness inward is what matters most on this important day. You’ll radiate joy from the inside out!


A subtle sparkly headband is a nice alternative to veils if you want a simpler look. There are pretty styles to pick.

Flowery ones feel romantic and natural. Pearls are classically beautiful. Glittery bands add fun shine, too.

Think about how they match your dress style as well. Busy dresses pair well with plain headbands. Simple dresses shine alongside more detailed ones.

Try some options in front of the mirror. See which makes you feel happiest and brings out your smile the most!

Mostly, just choose whatever you love wearing the most. Your joy and confidence will glow brighter than any accessory on your meaningful day. That’s really what everyone will remember most!

Alternatives for a girl to wear first communion

Headpiece instead of the veil

Pretty Little Girl wearing headpiece

Flowery crowns are so romantic for your special day instead of veils. Pearls also look gorgeous and classy up top.

Big bows add a playful twist, too, if that’s your style. Think about which option suits you best without copying others.

Consider how they pair with your dress as well. Elaborate pieces go nicely with simpler dresses. Plain styles match fancy outfits.

Test a few in front of the mirror and see which makes you grin the most. That’s the one!

Don’t forget to check your church rules, just in case. Then you know it will be admired by all there for your joyous occasion. Most important is feeling 100% yourself!

Colored shoes instead of white

White shoes aren’t the only polished choice for your special day. Silver adds glittery glamour, and black feels classic yet fresh.

You may also want shoes that match your outfit colors for a coordinated look. Think how brights, pastels, or jewel tones pair nicely.

Consider if your dress is plain or detailed as well. Simple dresses call for fancy shoes and vice versa, so neither steal the show.

Mostly, choose what stylish colors make you smile the most. You’ll radiate that joy and be so comfortable the whole time.

Don’t forget to ask your church, too, just in case. Then you know for sure to shine from the inside out however you like!

Young Girl in White Dress for First Communion


Preparing for your first communion is an exciting time. You’ve learned about the many dress, shoe, and accessory options to choose from.

Whether you pick a traditional white dress or put your own creative spin on your outfit, the most important thing is feeling beautiful and honored on your special day.

Choose items you will truly love wearing so that you can fully focus on the meaning and joy of the ceremony. Consult your church’s guidelines as needed.

Above all, let your personality and personal style shine through with an outfit that reflects who you are. Your happiness and comfort are what really matter most so that the memory of this important event stays with you forever.

No matter what you decide to wear, remember the true meaning of communion as you celebrate. You’ll feel confident and blessed, ready to make this milestone celebration one to remember throughout your life.


What fabrics are best for a first communion dress?

Cotton, satin, lace, and tulle are popular choices that are comfortable yet fancy. Cotton is breathable for warm weather. Satin and lace are elegant, but check the material content if your skin is sensitive.

Can I wear leggings or tights under my dress?

It depends on the dress length and your church’s guidelines. Ask your parents or priest if leggings/tights are allowed. Generally, bare legs or light-colored tights are fine.

Can my dress be any color besides white?

Most churches require white to symbolize purity. But some allow off-white or pastel colors like light blue or pink. Check your church’s specific dress code policies.

Can I wear makeup for my pictures?

Most churches don’t allow makeup other than light lip gloss or lip balm for young girls’ ceremonies out of respect. Ask your parents or priest if light makeup is permitted for photos taken after the ceremony.

When should I get my dress fitted?

Have your dress fitted 4-6 weeks before the ceremony to allow time for alterations. Try your dress on with all accessories like shoes and veil to ensure proper length and sizing.