Why Do Flower Girls Wear White? 07 Reasons

Why do flower girls wear white? This question has puzzled many people for years. Is it because of tradition, symbolism, coordination, contrast, attention, special occasion, elegance, fashion, or photo opportunities? The answer is all of the above!

Flower girls wear white dresses for many reasons, each adding its unique touch to the wedding ceremony. From symbolizing purity and innocence to coordinating with the bride’s gown, white dresses are a natural choice for flower girls. They also help the little ladies stand out and catch attention as they lead the way for the bride’s entrance.

Additionally, they create a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere and can be decorated to match any wedding color scheme. Finally, white dresses make flower girls look their best in wedding photos, guaranteeing that their cute smiles and scattering petals appear clear and vivid.

So if you’re planning a wedding and wondering what color to choose for your flower girls’ dresses, white is a timeless and versatile option that has stood the test of time. So, getting more knowledge before you try it out is better. Then let’s go.

Why do flower girls wear white?

Symbolism and Purity

Flower girls traditionally wear white dresses because white represents purity and innocence. The color white symbolizes wholesomeness and joy at the wedding.

White is a natural choice for the flower girl’s dress that fits her role of enhancing the celebration of the bride and groom’s union. White has long been linked with innocence and purity, making it a customary pick for many cultures where the bride also wears a white dress.

In summary, flower girls wearing white dresses on the wedding day follow historical tradition and symbolize innocence, purity, and joy as they enhance the celebration of the bride and groom’s union.

Flower girl and bride wearing a white dress

Tradition and Cute Tradition

Flower girls wear white wedding dresses because of tradition and the cute factor. It has been customary for flower girls to wear white for many years. Wedding traditions persist over time, so this practice continues today.

Flower girls wearing white follow a long-established tradition. The custom aims to bring a nostalgic feel and cuteness to the ceremony. Flower girls in white dresses elicit an “aww” reaction from guests by showing the sweetness of the wedding.

For centuries, flower girls have donned white wedding dresses as a cute tradition. White is seen as an innocent color that enhances the joyful mood of the celebration. Though white symbolizes purity, the flower girl’s dress can still be accessorized with ribbons, flowers, or colored sashes that match the wedding theme.

In conclusion, flower girls wearing white dresses at weddings adhere to an adorable tradition that has carried through the years. The custom allows flower girls to contribute sweetly to the ceremony while dressed in an innocent color that evokes positive feelings from wedding guests.

Coordination and Match with wedding gown

Flower girls typically wear white wedding dresses to match and coordinate with the bride’s white gown. Since most brides choose white wedding dresses, having the flower girls in white complement the bride’s outfit and create a cohesive aesthetic for the wedding party.

When all the flower girls wear matching white dresses, it provides a pulled-together, coordinated look for the wedding. The identical white outfits establish uniformity and consistency in style for the entire bridal lineup. The white flower girl dresses help to match and blend with the bride’s white gown.

Flower girls wearing white at weddings are mainly done to create a harmonious appearance for the wedding party and complement the bride’s white gown. The matching white dresses produce a collected, complementary aesthetic that enhances the overall ambiance of the ceremony.

Though tradition dictates flower girls wear white to represent purity and innocence, many modern brides choose to have their flower girls wear white primarily for its ability to coordinate and blend seamlessly with the bride’s attire.

Contrast and Attention

Flower girls commonly wear white dresses at weddings because the color helps them stand out and catch attention during the processional.

As the flower girls walk down the aisle tossing petals, their white dresses form a strong visual contrast against both the venue’s decor and the colored attire of other wedding guests. This distinct contrast allows the flower girls to really stand out and become the center of focus as they lead the way for the bride’s entrance.

In essence, the white dresses worn by flower girls serve to attract attention and highlight their important role in the ceremony. The color white provides an eye-catching backdrop that lets the flower girls shine as they walk down the aisle.

Flower girls wearing white at weddings are done primarily so that the dresses will pop visually and the girls will grab attention during their procession. The contrast created by the white outfits makes the flower girls the focal point and underscores their auspicious role of preparing the way for the bride’s arrival.

While tradition dictates that white represents innocence and purity for flower girls, in reality, most brides choose white dresses for them to produce visual separation and focus on the flower girls as they proceed down the aisle ahead of the bride.

Cute flower girl wearing a white dress

Special Occasion and Elegance

Flower girls often wear white dresses at weddings because the color signifies that the occasion is formal and extra special.

Since weddings are significant life events, having the flower girls dress in, white helps convey the gravitas and importance of the ceremony. The white color symbolizes elegance and formality, showing that this is not an ordinary day but a momentous celebration.

White dresses worn by flower girls at weddings communicate the distinctiveness and momentousness of the occasion. The color denotes this sophisticated, high-class event worthy of grandeur. By choosing white dresses for their flower girls, brides indicate that the wedding is elegant.

Brides frequently select white dresses for their flower girls because the color white aids in establishing the atmosphere of elegance, importance, and formality, befitting the grandeur of a wedding ceremony.

White dresses signify that the event at hand is exceptional and demands a certain respectable decorum. So the traditional choice of white for flower girls helps convey the gravity and refinement of the wedding occasion itself.

While centuries-old tradition links white with purity for flower girls, modern brides more often select the color white for them to communicate the esteem, refinement, and grandeur, befitting the momentous nature of the wedding day.

Fashion and Decoration

White is an increasingly well-liked color choice for modern flower girl dresses simply because the hue exudes timeless elegance. White dresses can be dressed up or down, matching any wedding color scheme.

White is a classic color that goes with every style and theme. The simplicity of white allows it to be made fashionable through stylish details and decorations.

Though white symbolizes innocence, a flower girl’s white dress can still be adorned to coordinate with the wedding theme through additions like colored sashes, ribbons, flowers, and sequins that match the wedding colors. When decorated properly, white dresses can fit right into an elaborately designed wedding.

In recent times, white has risen in popularity as a color for flower girl dresses, mostly owing to its classic, versatile aesthetic. The understated elegance of white lets brides decorates it to match their theme through additions, making a plain white dress part of an intricately coordinated wedding palette. White dresses handled with flair can lend timeless refinement to even the most modern wedding occasion.

Photo Opportunities

Flower girls wear bright white dresses on purpose to look their very best in wedding photos. White is chosen to make the flower girls the center of attention in pictures taken on the big day. Their white outfits make snapping attractive photographs very easy and ensure that pictures of the flower girls scattering petals come out clearly, showing their cute smiles.

Bright white clothes make the flower girls stand out sharply against the background of the wedding hall and the colorful flowers in their hands. White dresses reflect maximum light giving flower girls a glowing look in images as the white fabrics are illuminated well in the camera flash.

The classic color white also makes flower girls match the wedding theme, where the bride usually wears a pristine white gown. So parents choose white dresses for little flower girls at weddings to improve their pictures and coordinate them with the bridal party.

The bride and flower girl wear white dresses


Flower girls wear white dresses at weddings for many reasons, including purity, tradition, coordination with the bride’s gown, attention-grabbing contrast, special occasion elegance, and fashion versatility.

White dresses are timeless and versatile, symbolizing joy and celebration while enhancing the overall ambiance of the ceremony. They can be decorated to match any wedding color scheme and provide excellent photo opportunities, making flower girls look their best and stand out in pictures.

Ultimately, white dresses for flower girls are a cute, traditional, and practical choice that has stood the test of time.


Are flower girl dresses supposed to be white?

Flower girl dresses are traditionally white, but it is not a requirement. Couples can decide what works best for their wedding and their flower girl. If you want to go the traditional route, a wide array of white and ivory flower girl dresses are available in various styles and fabrics.

What age do you stop being a flower girl?

Kids between five and ten are good candidates for flower and ring duties, as they are old enough to walk down the aisle with minimal issues and can execute almost any task.

Can you have 2 flower girls?

Yes, you can have two or more flower girls at your wedding. In fact, having multiple flower girls is becoming more common. Some couples even have up to three flower girls. Having two flower girls walk down the aisle together, or having the flower girl and page boy walk down the aisle together, can tremendously boost their confidence. Working together will boost their self-assurance.

What does a flower girl symbolize?

In modern times, a flower girl may symbolize wishes for fertility and forming a new family. However, it seems that today, most couples include a flower girl in the wedding party to honor a little one who is close to the family.

Do flower girls wear the same color as bridesmaids?

Flower girls do not have to wear the same color as bridesmaids. While traditionally, most flower girls wear white to match the bride, it’s your day, and you can choose whatever color fits your theme, color palette, and personal aesthetic. You can choose any color for them to wear, be it your bridal party’s color or a color that complements the wedding theme. If white isn’t your flower dress color of choice, many other options are available in a wide range of colors, including red, blue, green, and more.