What To Wear Under Gi Female – 09 Top Picks

When practising martial arts like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, finding the right base layer proves essential for peak performance. Whether wrapping up in a warm rashguard or cooling off in breathable shorts, the perfect undergarments escape notice while supporting dynamic action.

However, guessing what combination best suits diverse body types seems impossible without clues from experienced belles.

Luckily, top gymnasts finally divulge their insightful strategies. Rashguards protect sensitive skin when practicing submission maneuvers. Snug shorts supply solid coverage throughout strenuous sessions.

Even compression socks safeguard arches through hours on the mats. Discover affordable options suitable for all scenes, whether sweating through summer scrambles or shivering through winter warm-ups.

What to wear under Gi female?


For female Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners, a rashguard is an ideal piece to wear beneath your Gi. Made from moisture-wicking material, a rashguard will draw sweat away from your skin to keep you dry and comfortable during training.

Its tight fit and long sleeves offer abrasion resistance, protecting you from friction burns or scratches from grip fighting with training partners. Opt for a rashguard in your favourite color or print – they come in many stylish options.

By choosing a rashguard, you’ll find protection for your skin while staying cool and compressed for optimal performance on the mats. It’s a perfect base layer under your uniform that will serve you well at every BJJ session.

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Sports bra

When training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, it’s important for women to have the right support. A well-fitting sports bra is an essential piece of training gear. It will keep your chest snug and secure during rolls and drills, so you don’t face discomfort or distraction on the mat.

Be sure to find a bra made from breathable fabric that wicks moisture away as you work up a sweat. Go with a design that hugs your frame but doesn’t squeeze too tightly. Movement should feel free and natural.

Many brands make cute styles, so pick a color you like too! With the protection and comfort of a sports bra underneath, you’ll be able to fully focus on mastering new techniques without worry.

Booty shorts

Booty shorts make a solid choice when choosing what goes beneath your Gi bottoms. Made of quick-drying fabric, they’ll keep you from getting damp as you work hard in training.

Booty shorts also prevent rope burns by shielding sensitive skin from the abrasive Gi material. Look for a cut that sits high for full coverage without restricting splits or kicks. Consider bold colors or patterns you think look fun—why not add your personal flair?

Most of all, test different lengths and fits to locate the ideal athletic shorts, allowing uninhibited movement. With booty shorts as your underlayer, lower body comfort is ensured.


Leggings provide an excellent base layer under the Gi for staying comfortable on the mat even in colder weather. Look for lightweight fabrics like nylon that wick moisture away as you work. Black is a safe color that won’t show through light Gi pants.

When shopping, check the fit is snug without constriction to allow easy movement. Leggings come at various prices, but affordable options around $25 will do the job.

The cushion and coverage they give protect skin without bulk. With leggings beneath your uniform, complicated leg grabs, and pins won’t leave you shivering—you can impress your instructor while feeling warm and supported.


Underwear is wise to wear during training for comfort and protection beneath the Gi pants. Choosing the right pair prevents chafing from rubbing fabrics.

Seamless styles eliminate irritation from stitching, while cotton varieties stay breathable as you sweat. When shopping, consider cut and material above all else.

A thong may rise up while rolls occur, so low-rise briefs typically work best. The solid colors you choose will vanish under the Gi, ensuring hygiene, too. Trial and error will reveal your preferred fit, so don’t hesitate to test styles.

With the right underwear worn under your uniform, sensitive skin downstairs stays protected whether practicing armbars or working up a sweat on the mats.

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To battle sweat and keep comfortable on the mat, a wicking, moisture-managing shirt provides a reliable layer beneath the Gi. Look for breathable fabrics like polyester that draw dampness away as exertion rises. Opt for fitted cuts that don’t restrict movement into positions.

Choosing plain colors ensures invisibility under the uniform. Prices vary, but budget offerings around $15 deliver sweat-shedding comfort for training. Whether drilling transitions or battling sparring, the right shirt protects delicate skin from chafing.

Experiment to find styles suited to individual needs – fabric, fit, and support. With a tech t-shirt as an underbase, you can fully focus on learning without dampness or distraction.

Compression shorts

Compression shorts make a great base layer under the Gi for women training in martial arts. They fit closely without being tight and allow full movement. Compression’s breathable materials like those will wick sweat away from your skin to keep you dry and comfortable.

Different lengths are available, but the mid-thigh style provides adequate coverage while avoiding restriction. Dark colors like black won’t show under light Gis. Prices range from about $20 to $50, depending on brand and features.

Overall, compression shorts give support shape and stay put, letting you focus fully on your training without distraction from your base layer. Several styles are available so you can find what suits your needs and budget best.

Long pants

Long pants can make an excellent base layer choice for women training in colder weather. Keeping your legs warm when temperatures drop lets you focus fully on your workout.

Fleece or wool pants in dark colors from $20-50 that hug your legs without constricting work well. Choose a fabric that retains heat but allows full flexibility.

Most martial arts involve intricate leg movements that compressed long pants won’t hamper. Having the right pair means staying cozy as you learn new techniques and drills. Several length options let you find the best coverage for your needs and style.

Overall, comfortable long pants provide an ideal solution for staying thoroughly warm under the Gi in chillier conditions.

Gi socks

For women training in martial arts, wearing the proper Gi socks can really make a difference in comfort and safety. Snugly fitting cotton socks between $10-20 from brands like Army Navy Sales allow full mobility while protecting the feet from blisters or irritations.

Breathable synthetics wick away moisture, too, keeping the environment ideal for practicing advanced techniques. Choosing a darker color that doesn’t show prevents distraction from your form. Whether a low-cut or knee-high style, the right socks allow total focus on mastering new skills without foot-related troubles.

Several affordable options provide breathability, coverage for different temperatures, and a perfect fit to support all the intricate footwork, jumps, and kicks required in each class. Overall, high-quality Gi socks prove a worthwhile base layer investment.

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When practicing martial arts like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, it is important to choose the right undergarments. A rashguard is ideal for women as it protects the skin from friction while allowing full movement. Rashguards come in fun colors and styles.

Sports bras also provide support and keep women comfortable during training. Booty shorts act as protection from Gi material and allow kicks. Leggings work for colder weather and do not restrict leg locks or pins.

The proper underwear prevents chafing. A moisture-wicking t-shirt maintains dryness. Compression shorts closely fit and stay in place. Long pants permit leg techniques while keeping warm. Gi socks from $10-20 protect the feet and enable complex footwork.

Overall, having the right underlayers means protection, performance, and full focus on techniques. Trial and error find affordable, proper fitting options for anybody.


What to wear under Gi female summer?

For summer Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training, a moisture-wicking t-shirt or sports bra keeps the body cool and dry. Shorts or compression shorts protect legs from chafing while allowing kicks. Leggings provide coverage in colder weather while permitting complex techniques. Gi socks safeguard feet from blisters. The best clothing is breathable, comfortable, and does not restrict movement. Ultimately, you should try different options and choose what suits your body and style for sweating through summer Brazilian Jiu-jitsu sessions.

What to wear under Gi female summer pants?

Thin, lightweight, moisture-wicking shorts help keep women cool and dry during summer training under Gi pants. Compression shorts provide coverage and support while allowing freedom of movement as a suitable alternative to booty shorts, designed to stay in place during intense sessions. Shorts with a built-in liner wick away sweat and prevent chafing. Breathable tights that allow freedom of movement keep legs warm in colder weather or for added coverage under Gi pants.

Are you supposed to wear clothes under a Gi?

Yes, it is generally recommended to wear clothes under a Gi to avoid discomfort and irritation, as the thick garment can be uncomfortable against the skin and cause chafing, especially in hot weather. Some common options to wear under a Gi include seamless underwear for hygiene and comfort, a moisture-wicking t-shirt to keep cool and dry during training, shorts to keep legs cool and protected from chafing, and leggings in colder weather or for added coverage under Gi pants.

Are Gi pants supposed to be baggy?

No, Gi pants are not supposed to be baggy but rather should fit snugly to allow freedom of movement without restriction. Baggy Gi pants can be dangerous as they could get caught on an opponent or cause distraction, making grips difficult. If pants are too baggy, sizing down or using a belt can help, as can compression shorts underneath to keep them in place. For the right fit, Gi pants should be snug but not tight, ending just above the ankle without billowing, and made from breathable material to keep the practitioner cool and dry during training.

Do you wear a belt with no Gi?

No, you do not wear a belt with no-Gi, as there is no Gi to tighten. The belt is used in Gi grappling to prevent the Gi from coming undone. While some may wear a belt for additional grip or keep clothes in place during no-Gi, it is unnecessary and can prove a hindrance by getting caught on an opponent. If choosing to wear one, it is important not to tighten the belt so that movement and breathing are not restricted.