Why Do Girls Take So Long To Get Ready

Have you ever found yourself waiting for a girl to get ready for what seems like an eternity? It’s a common complaint among many guys, and even some girls, that females take forever to get ready. But have you ever wondered why? What could possibly be taking so long?

There are several reasons why girls take longer to get ready than guys. Some of the most common ones include choosing what to wear, applying makeup and doing hair, feeling insecure, lacking attention from a partner, and needing new clothes or makeup. But there’s one reason that often gets overlooked – the desire to look good for themselves.

Yes, you read that right. Girls don’t just dress up for others; they also do it for themselves. It’s about feeling confident and empowered; there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s not just about wearing a pretty dress or slapping lipstick. It’s about taking the time to care for themselves, feel good in their skin, and express their unique style.

So the next time you find yourself waiting for a girl to get ready, try to understand that it’s not just about making you wait. It’s about her own personal journey to feeling confident and fabulous. And who knows, maybe you’ll even appreciate the effort she puts in a little bit more.

Why do girls take so long to get ready?

Choosing what to wear

Choosing what to wear is an important part of getting ready for many people. When it comes to girls taking a long time to get ready, it’s often because they want to pick out the perfect outfit. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing what to wear, such as the occasion, weather, and personal style.

Girls may also want to make sure their outfit makes them feel confident and comfortable. They may try different outfits to see what looks best or suits their mood that day. Additionally, girls may want to coordinate their outfits with accessories like jewelry or shoes, which can take extra time to choose.

Overall, choosing what to wear can be a fun but time-consuming task, especially for girls who may have more options and considerations to make. So, it’s not that girls necessarily take longer than boys to get ready. It’s just that they have more steps in their preparation process.

Applying makeup and doing hair

Another reason why girls may take a while to get ready is that they might want to apply makeup and do their hair. Makeup can enhance features like eyes, cheeks, and lips, while hair can be styled in different ways to achieve a desired look. These beauty routines can take time to perfect and require a certain level of skill and patience.

Some girls may also want to experiment with new makeup and hairstyles, which can add more time to their routine as they figure out what works best for them.

Additionally, some girls may feel more confident and comfortable when they look their best, which is why they may put in extra effort to apply makeup and do their hair.

Girls geting ready


Another reason why some girls may take a long time to get ready is insecurity. Sometimes, people feel they need to look a certain way to be accepted or liked by others. This can be especially true for girls, who may feel pressure to look a certain way based on societal expectations or media standards.

Insecurity can lead to a lot of indecisiveness when it comes to choosing what to wear or how to do their hair and makeup. Girls may spend a long time trying on different outfits or experimenting with different makeup looks until they feel confident and comfortable with their appearance. This can take some time, especially if they are trying out something new or different from what they normally wear.

It’s important to remember that everyone has their own reasons for taking as much time as they need to get ready. Whether it’s for practical reasons, personal preference, or insecurity, it’s important to respect each other’s choices and not make assumptions or judgments based on how long someone takes to get ready.

Lack of attention from the partner

Sometimes, girls may take longer to get ready because they want to look attractive to their partners.

However, if a girl feels like her partner is not giving her enough attention, she may take longer to get ready as a way to feel more confident and secure. Getting ready and looking good may be a way for her to get attention and affection from her partner.

Additionally, some girls may feel like they need to look a certain way to please their partner, which could also contribute to taking longer to get ready.

Need for new clothes or makeup

Sometimes, girls might take a long time to get ready because they feel like they need to buy new clothes or makeup to look good. Maybe they have an important event or want to feel more confident in their appearance.

So, they might spend some extra time shopping for clothes or trying out new makeup looks. This can add to the time it takes to get ready. It’s important to remember that everyone has their own reasons for why they take the time they need to get ready, and it’s okay to do what makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Desire to look good for themselves

When it comes to the desire to look good for themselves, many girls want to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. They take time to get ready because they want to present themselves in the best possible way.

Looking good can boost their self-esteem and make them feel more positive and energetic throughout the day. For many girls, taking the time to apply makeup, style their hair, and choose the right outfit is a way to show themselves some love and care. It can also be a form of self-expression and creativity, allowing them to experiment with different styles and looks.

Ultimately, the desire to look good for oneself is about feeling good and confident in one’s skin; getting ready is one way to achieve that feeling.

Girls get ready


Girls have a reputation for taking a long time to get ready, which can be frustrating for those waiting for them. However, there are many reasons why girls may take a while to prepare for an event.

Firstly, they may choose an outfit, which involves considering the occasion, weather, and personal style.

Secondly, they may be applying makeup and styling their hair, which can take time and skill. Insecurity and the need for attention from a partner may also contribute to the delay.

Furthermore, a desire for new clothes or makeup can mean that girls spend more time preparing for an event than necessary.

Finally, girls may simply want to look good for themselves, as feeling confident and attractive can boost their self-esteem.

Overall, there are many reasons why girls take so long to get ready. While it can be frustrating to wait for them, it is important to understand that they are likely taking their time to ensure they look and feel their best. Instead of becoming impatient, those waiting can use the time to do something else or even offer to help out in the preparation process.

Being understanding and supportive will give everyone a more positive and enjoyable experience getting ready for an event.


Which gender takes longer to get ready?

A joint study by The Huffington Post and YouGov found that both men and women primp for the same amount of time.

How long does it take for a girl to get ready for a night out?

According to a recent study of 2,000 women conducted by Malibu Rum, women spend an average of 44 minutes getting ready for a night out.

How long should it take a man to get ready?

According to a poll conducted by HuffPost, 58 percent of men said they take 10-30 minutes to get ready in the morning, while 42 percent took over 30 minutes.

Which gender stays up later?

Women tend to stay up later on average than men due in part to the demands of housework and family responsibilities.

Which gender is most indecisive?

It seems that women tend to be more indecisive than men, according to studies that have found a positive correlation between gender and indecisiveness. However, it’s worth noting that indecisiveness can vary widely among individuals regardless of gender, and other factors may also influence indecisiveness.