Why Do Girls Wear Fake Eyelashes? Top 14 Reasons To Know

Wearing false eyelashes is fun for girls to enhance their natural beauty and experiment with different looks. False eyelashes have a long history dating back to ancient times, yet they remain popular with modern ladies for various reasons. False eyelashes allow girls to achieve a lovely eyelash style without heavy makeup application.

Unlike mascara, which only darkens and lengthens natural lashes, false eyelashes come in different lengths, volumes, and styles. This extra selection offers girls options for both everyday wear and special occasions.

Fake eyelashes also function as an alternative to mascara but can weaken and damage natural lashes over time. By acting as a mascara substitute, false eyelashes may help strengthen and protect natural eyelashes.

In addition, false lashes boost confidence by instantly creating fuller, longer lashes without the hassle of applying multiple coats of mascara. When trimmed to fit individual eye shapes, the right pair of false eyelashes can help girls achieve a retro or glamorous look that uplifts their natural beauty.

Why do girls wear fake eyelashes?

Wearing false eyelashes allows ladies to experiment with different eye makeup styles without causing damage to their natural eyelashes. Here are some of the main reasons why girls opt for false eyelashes

To enhance their natural lashes

Girls wear false eyelashes to make their natural eyelashes appear longer, thicker and fuller. False eyelashes define the eye shape and help open up the eyes, making them appear larger. They also help frame and highlight the eyes, drawing more attention to the eyes and face.

False eyelashes add a glamorous touch and help complete many looks. They instantly create the appearance of fuller, lustier lashes and make eyes pop. False eyelashes enhance the effect for special events like parties and evenings out.

When applied properly, false eyelashes can blend in and look extremely natural. Several designs and styles of false lashes are available so girls can choose options to match different eye shapes, outfits, and occasions.

False eyelashes can be easily applied while wearing makeup and then removed after the event, letting natural lashes rest and recharge for the next time they are needed.

Girl wearing fake eyelashes

To create a dramatic look

Girls wear fake eyelashes to create a glamorous and dramatic eye makeup look, especially for events and parties. Dramatic false eyelashes lengthen and thicken the natural eyelashes allowing them to create an eye-catching look.

The false eyelashes give extreme definition, lift and curl, which helps make the eyelashes appear fuller and longer. This can help accentuate the eyes and frame the eye shape making eyes appear wider open.

During night outs and special occasions, false eyelashes provide an elegant touch and help complete a glamorous look. Several styles, from natural to bold, are available for girls to suit different eye shapes, outfits, and occasions.

False eyelashes that are properly applied can seemingly blend in with natural lashes creating a seamless dramatic eye makeup look. Once the occasion ends, girls may remove the false eyelashes allowing their natural lashes to rest.

To open up their eyes

Girls wear false eyelashes to make their eyes look wider and bigger, especially for hooded eyes. Dramatic false eyelashes add length and thickness, which helps create an eye-catching look. This can help make the eyelashes appear longer and fuller, framing the eyes well.

During events and special occasions, false eyelashes provide an eye-opening effect that helps enlarge the eyes. Selecting the right pair of false lashes as per eye shape can also make small eyes look bigger.

False eyelashes need proper measuring and trimming before use. Beginners may prefer half falsies first. To apply false eyelashes, girls typically line the upper lash line with dark eyeliner before placing the lashes by the lash line.

Once worn, false eyelashes can make the eyes more noticeable and visually enlarge them, giving girls more confidence.

To feel more confident

Girls wear false eyelashes to boost their confidence, making them feel more attractive and glamorous. Dramatic false eyelashes create a bolder eye makeup look that opens up eyes and adds definition to the lashes. This helps make eyelashes appear longer, thicker, and fuller, which some girls find more appealing and pleasing to the eyes.

The added length and volume of false eyelashes help frame the eyes well and enlarge them visually. When eyes look bigger and more noticeable with false eyelashes on, it makes girls feel more attractive and self-assured.

During parties and occasions, false eyelashes highlight the eyes and complete the glamorous look, instantly giving girls a confident appearance.

Once applied properly, false eyelashes, having blended in, seem like natural thick and long eyelashes that women find beautiful and self-confidence boosting. Hence girls wear false eyelashes to feel prettier and build their confidence.

Fake eyelashes vs real eyelashes

To protect their natural lashes

Girls wear false eyelashes to safeguard their natural lashes from damage caused by makeup, sun exposure, and pollution.

False eyelashes cover the natural lashes acting as a shield that helps prevent direct exposure to harmful elements. This protection allows natural eyelashes to remain healthy and undamaged.

In addition, false eyelashes reduce the need for frequent mascara use, which can make natural lashes brittle over time. By switching to false lashes, girls can give their natural lashes a break from the harsh chemicals in mascara, thereby helping natural lashes maintain thickness and length.

However, wearing false eyelashes also has risks, as the glue used to apply falsies may pull out natural lashes if not applied properly. So girls must choose their false lashes and glue carefully and use proper application techniques to reduce the chances of damaging natural lashes.

Overall, with proper precautions while wearing and removing falsies, false eyelashes can protect natural lashes from breakage, allowing them to remain healthy and intact.

To create a more natural look

Girls wear natural-looking false eyelashes to create a barely-there, everyday enhancement of their eyes. Subtle falsies that mimic the appearance and feel of real lashes provide just enough length and thickness to define the lash line and frame the eyes nicely.

Such natural false eyelashes can be easier to apply at home than dramatic falsies. They are also often more affordable. When applied properly, they blend seamlessly into the natural lashes giving eyes a wider, well-defined appearance without being obviously artificial.

Even on days without makeup, simply swapping out regular lashes for natural-looking falsies can subtly boost girls’ natural beauty. During special occasions, subtle falsies allow girls’ eye makeup and outfits to remain the focus instead of over-the-top lashes.

Overall, natural false eyelashes allow girls to achieve a polished, lifted eye look that accentuates their natural features in a barely-detectable way.

To change their eye shape

Girls wear false eyelashes to alter or reshape their eyes, especially to make them appear wider or more dramatically upturned. False eyelashes are available in various styles, from natural to overly exaggerated, that help changes the shape and size of eyes.

Different lash styles suit different eye shapes so that girls can choose falsies according to their eye shape. Wispy lashes work well for almond eyes, while cluster lashes define round eyes. Girls wanting downturned eyes need tapered lashes.

After selecting the right lashes, girls trim them shorter to fit their lash line and use dark eyeliner. This helps create a wider base making eyes look larger. Then they apply lashes as close to the lash line as possible. Properly applied false lashes effectively lift eyes outward and upward, improving the eye shape.

During special occasions, false lashes transform girls’ eyes, widening and reshaping them and instantly creating dramatic or alluring eye looks.

To add glamour and enhance the appearance

Girls wear fake eyelashes to add glamour and beauty to their appearance. False eyelashes in different styles, from natural to overly dramatic, allow girls to create various eye-catching and attractive looks as per their preferences and outfit.

Dramatic falsies that make eyelashes look longer, thicker and fuller impart an instantly glamorous and gorgeous look to girls’ eyes. They define and frame the eyes well, making them appear bigger and more noticeable. This visual enhancement imparted by false eyelashes elevates girls’ natural beauty and physical appeal.

Even natural-looking false eyelashes that only slightly supplement natural lashes help complete girls’ appearances and add sophistication. During parties and events, false eyelashes instantly accentuate girls’ eye makeup and enhance their overall beauty.

When applied skillfully, fake eyelashes augment girls’ natural endowment and charm, uplifting their self-confidence and augmenting their physical attraction.

Girl wearing fake eyelashes

To make the eyes look bigger and more accentuated

Girls wear false eyelashes to make their eyes appear larger and more prominent, especially for parties and celebrations. Eyelashes sculpt and define the eye shape and make eyes appear wider open.

The dramatic lengthening and thickening effect provided by false eyelashes help accentuate and highlight girls’ natural eyes by framing them beautifully. This visual enhancement draws attention to girls’ eyes and faces, instantly complimenting their looks and makeup.

Different styles and thicknesses of falsies are available to suit different eye shapes and look from natural to over the top. During occasions like weddings and evening events, voluminous false eyelashes instantly add glamour to girls’ eye makeup and appearances by making the eyes attract more focus.

When applied skilfully, false eyelashes blend in naturally, amplifying the size, definition, and prominence of girls’ eyes to match the moment. So girls wear falsies to attain bigger, more accentuated eyes that complement their overall looks.

To compensate for short or sparse natural lashes

Girls wear false eyelashes to supplement their natural eyelashes, making them appear longer, fuller, and thicker for those with short or sparse natural lashes.

False eyelashes come in different lengths, thicknesses, and styles to suit different eye shapes and complement girls’ natural eyelashes. There are wispy, natural-looking false lashes for thin, short lashes, and there are dramatic, voluminous falsies for those with barely visible natural lashes.

After picking the right pair as per her eye shape and desired look, a girl carefully trims and measures the false lashes to fit her lash line neatly and glues them close to the base of natural lashes.

When applied properly, the false lashes blend seamlessly into natural lashes extending the length and adding thickness, creating the illusion of full, long natural eyelashes. This allows girls with small or thin natural lashes to achieve the same long, lustrous eyelash look as those naturally endowed with long thick eyelashes.

Girls wear false eyelashes to keep up with the latest eyelash beauty trends that favor a voluminous, dramatic eyelash style. Long and thick eyelashes have recently become very popular in fashion and makeup.

False eyelashes make it easier for girls to instantly attain this high-fashion eyelash trend. Different styles of false eyelashes are available to cater to different eye shapes and desired looks.

From natural and wispy to thick and dramatic, false lashes help girls emulate the lengthened and voluminous eyelash trends seen on social media and runways with just a few minutes of application.

When properly applied, false eyelashes in trendy styles complement girls’ natural eyelashes and complete their eye makeup looks according to current fashion.

Even during the days when makeup trends shift rapidly, false eyelashes ensure girls always have long, thick eyelashes that match the current runway and magazine looks. Hence, false eyelashes help girls keep up with beauty and fashion trends favoring lengthened and thickened eyelashes.

For costume or cosplay

Girls wear false eyelashes as part of costumes, cosplays, and themed looks to achieve an intense and dramatic effect. Different characters in fiction, movies, and plays often sport unique and exaggerated eyelash styles.

So falsies help girls enact those roles accurately during dress-up parties, comic cons, and Halloween. For instance, girls glue on tall, spiky lashes resembling spider legs for a spider costume. They wear thick, wing-shaped pairs for a fairy appearance. Even white and color-tinted false eyelashes accompany various angel, doll, and fantasy makeovers.

During creative endeavors like DIY doll makeover videos, girls fix colorful and bejeweled false lashes on dolls to further intensify their dramatic styling. As eyelashes largely set the mood for a character, false eyelashes aid girls in achieving those moods accurately when dressing up.

From natural to bold, falsies across styles assist girls in resembling different personas and characters to the closest possible extent and add the perfect finishing touch during role-playing.

Permanent eyelash extensions

Some girls opt for permanent eyelash extensions instead of false eyelashes for a long-lasting glamorous look. Permanent eyelash extensions involve synthetic eyelashes attached to natural eyelashes one by one using a non-toxic adhesive.

A professional lash technician performs this process. The semi-permanent eyelash extensions can last around 6 to 8 weeks while mimicking the appearance of natural long lashes.

However, individuals may react differently to extension adhesive, with some experiencing redness or irritation. So research and consultation with a certified professional are essential before choosing eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions application choices like lash material, density, and curl also vary to best suit each client’s preferences and eye shape.

When done professionally and with proper aftercare, permanent eyelash extensions can deliver a low-maintenance glamorous look for weeks with natural-looking seamless thick long lashes, eliminating the need for daily false lash application.

Experiment with different lash styles

False eyelashes come in various lengths, thicknesses, and shapes, allowing girls to experiment with different eye-catching looks for parties and events.

The large product range enables girls to choose falsies according to their preferences. Depending on the desired look, they can pick from natural and wispy to long and voluminous pairs.

With a range of styles from dramatic to subtle, falsies let girls create exotic and glamorous eyes appropriate for the occasion. Girls also match falsies as per their eye shapes for the most flattering results.

Almond-shaped eyes suit winged falsies, while round eyes work best with clusters. Experimenting with different falsie materials like mink, silk, or synthetic helps girls identify the most comfortable ones.

Moreover, they can trim falsies smaller for a better fit. Appropriately selected falsies help girls create anything from sultry and sensuous to elegant, enchanting eyes matching each moment without hassle.

Girl wearing fake eyelashes for cosplay


Girls wear false eyelashes for many reasons. False eyelashes make natural lashes appear longer, fuller, and thicker. They highlight and frame the eyes, drawing attention. They instantly create the appearance of lush lashes, enhancing looks for occasions.

False eyelashes give girls options to achieve anything from natural to dramatic eyelash styles. They protect natural lashes by reducing mascara use that can damage natural lashes. Subtle falsies provide a barely-noticeable enhancement, while dramatic ones transform eyes.

False eyelashes boost girls’ confidence by instantly adding lash length and volume without hassle. They help girls compensate for short natural lashes. Subtle falsies achieve a natural enhancement, while dramatic ones transform eyes.

False lashes allow girls to experiment with eye-catching looks for occasions. Based on the desired look, girls choose from natural to long lashes. Falsies help girls achieve appropriate eye looks for each moment. Permanent lash extensions offer a long-lasting glamorous look.


What is the purpose of fake eyelashes?

Fake eyelashes enhance the appearance of the eyes by adding volume, length, and definition to the natural eyelashes, which can create a more dramatic and eye-catching effect. False eyelashes are a cosmetic enhancement attached to the natural eyelashes.

Why did women start wearing fake lashes?

Parisian women started sewing hair onto their eyelids in the 1800s as a way to enhance their eyes. Later on, in the early 1900s, artificial eyelashes were invented by a London-based hair specialist named George W. Bunker, who sold them in his salon. The use of artificial eyelashes further increased in popularity when Hollywood films began utilizing them in the 1910s and 1920s, with actresses like Mary Pickford and Theda Bara wearing them onscreen.

When did fake eyelashes become popular?

Fake eyelashes started to gain popularity in the early 20th century, particularly in the 1910s and 1920s, when Hollywood films began utilizing them, with actresses like Mary Pickford and Theda Bara wearing them onscreen. The use of artificial eyelashes further increased in popularity during the 1940s and 1950s, with the help of Hollywood and the emergence of beauty trends that favored dramatic and glamorous eye makeup. By the 1960s, false eyelashes had become even more popular with the film ‘Blow-Up’ release.

How can you tell if a girl has fake eyelashes?

One way is to look for a black strip running along the lash line, which is often a sign of strip lashes or falsies. Fake eyelashes can also make the eyes look unnaturally full and dense, which could indicate that they are not real. Another way to tell if someone is wearing fake eyelashes is to see if they still have a natural gap between their lashes, as falsies can create a fuller look by filling in this gap.

Do the Kardashians wear eyelash extensions?

Yes, some of the Kardashian family members wear eyelash extensions. For example, Kim Kardashian has been known to wear individual eyelash extensions and has even shared some of her preferred brands and techniques for achieving her signature eyelash look.