Why Do Fox News Female Anchors Wear So Much Makeup

Fox News anchors wear a lot of makeup. They think it makes them look professional and fits Fox News’s message. Fox News wants glamorous anchors for opinionated primetime stars. Anchors believe their polished look affects how people see them and their views.

However, their heavy makeup also promotes unfair beauty standards. It suggests women must look a certain way to succeed, diminishing their power. Critics argue it objectifies women. Supporters say it’s just fashion. There are good arguments on both sides.

The reasons for Fox News anchors’ dramatic style are mixed. Network pressure, personal choice, job demands, and culture clashes contribute. Practical reasons like bright lights barely justify how much makeup they wear or how much emphasis Fox News places on looks. Their style exceeds common TV news and aligns more with seeming authoritative.

Fox News anchors likely prefer bold looks to some degree. However, so many women with this style suggest expectation or insistence from Fox News. They devote much effort to hair, makeup, outfits, and makeup rituals, highlighting how much appearance matters. The debate reflects key issues: professionalism, gender politics, media influence, and power.

In short, Fox News anchors’ makeup has complex and intertwined motivations beyond simple explanations. Multiple factors relating to network culture and society politics likely combine in their distinctive approach and the reactions around it. It’s nuanced, controversial, and thought-provoking.

Here is a summary of the key reasons why Fox News female anchors are known for wearing noticeable makeup

Why do fox news female anchors wear so much makeup?

Female anchors wear so much makeup

Network pressure

Fox News aims for glamorous anchors to match loud, opinionated hosts and seem authoritative. Anchors think their polished look influences how they and their views are perceived. However, the style also promotes unfair beauty standards diminishing women’s power.

Personal choice

Anchors may genuinely prefer bold looks, though so many of that style suggests expectation or insistence at Fox News. They devote much effort to hair, makeup, outfits, and rituals, highlighting how much appearance matters.

Job demands

Practical reasons like compensating for bright lights barely justify how much makeup they wear or emphasize looks. Their style exceeds typical TV news needs.

Culture clashes

The dramatic style aligns more with Fox News’s message than common TV news standards. But criticism suggests it objectifies, provoking debates over professionalism, gender politics, media influence, and power dynamics.

Personal expression or company branding

Good arguments show that makeup reflects objectification versus personal expression or company branding. Personal preferences, company control, and broader ideological issues intersect in complex ways.

Do Fox News anchors do their own makeup?

According to Fox News makeup artist Linda Rostek, some anchors do their own makeup while others have professional help or input. Specific anchors like Greta Van Susteren and Megyn Kelly have also mentioned doing at least some of their own makeup. However, others likely rely more on the network or personal makeup artists.

Reports suggest Fox News sometimes provides makeup artists to assist anchors, but the extent of their involvement varies, and some anchors maintain a degree of autonomy or personal style. It seems to depend on the anchor, situation, and emphasis Fox News places on a consistent “look.”

Anchors currently doing more of their own makeup during COVID-19 is not unique to Fox News. However, some describe Fox News as traditionally emphasizing makeup, especially for its opinionated primetime anchors and controversial female anchors. This suggests a more structured professional application at times.

There are arguments on both sides regarding anchors’ involvement – from seeing makeup as integral to their brand to anchors expressing personal style through makeup. The reality is complex, with much possible professional help, input, autonomy, and personal preference combinations.

Nuanced perspectives on creative control and expression

While there are references to key roles of makeup in Fox News’s “creation myth” and “signature look,” this does not conclusively prove anchors have little say or input. It highlights the emphasis Fox News places on makeup, but not necessarily complete control over anchors’ stylesheet choices regarding it.

References to specific makeup artists who have worked at Fox News suggest professional roles and resources but do not definitively prove all anchors relinquish complete creative control or personal touch regarding their on-air looks.

In summary, there are good arguments and evidence on this issue, leaving ambiguity over anchors’ precise level of involvement in their on-air makeup application. The situation seems fluid and complex and varies among anchors, with network influence and personal expression evident in their distinctive styles.

Female anchors wear so much makeup

What is the signature makeup look of Fox News anchors?

Fox News anchors, especially female personalities, are described as wearing very heavy, dramatic, and exaggerated makeup that is “painted-up” rather than natural. Their look is portrayed as much more bold and embellished than anchors at other networks.

Specific aspects of their makeup include:

  1. False eyelashes:
  2. Bright eye makeup:
    • Including bright blue eyeshadow and heavy eyeliner. This helps emphasize the eyes as the focal point of their face and style.
  3. Heavy bronzer:
    • Using bronzer, tanning, and self-tanning products to achieve a sun-kissed glow and tan skin tone. This complements and extends their glamour-focused aesthetics.
  4. False teeth and nails:
    • Some reports and commentators joke that the heavy makeup and glamour suggest anchors may be wearing dentures, extensions, or another artifice under their coifs and coats of beauty products. However, no confirmation anchors alter their natural teeth, nails, or features.

A makeup artist who has worked with Fox News confirms that their female on-air personalities and guests receive a “very heavy” application of makeup to achieve their distinctive style. However, anchors likely maintain some input and say in the specific looks and products used. The situation seems complex, rather than makeup artists having complete creative control.

The signature makeup look contributes to arguments that Fox News excessively objectifies women by prioritizing their looks over competence or credibility. However, supporters counter that it reflects personal expression or merely constitutes an aspirational, glamorous aesthetic common in media and culture. There are reasonable perspectives on multiple sides of this issue.

In summary, reports and commentary indicate that Fox News anchors develop and are presented with a signature makeup style characterized by heavy, dramatic, glamorous, and embellished application. Specific features of their look include false lashes, bright eye makeup, heavy bronzer, and implied denture extensions. Their style invites ongoing debates over objectification versus empowerment in media.


What are the specific makeup products used by Fox News anchors?

The specific makeup products used by Fox News anchors are not publicly disclosed and likely vary depending on individual preferences and skin types. Some reports suggest that the network provides makeup artists to assist anchors with their on-air appearances, and these professionals may use a variety of brands and products to achieve the desired look.

What are some of the makeup brands used by Fox News anchors?

Some reports indicate that Fox News makeup artists may use products from various brands to achieve the desired looks. These brands reportedly include but are not limited to:
● MAC Cosmetics
● Laura Mercier
● Bobbi Brown
● Estée Lauder
● Lancôme
● Make Up For Ever
● L’Oréal
● Clinique
● Anastasia Beverly Hills
However, it is important to note that Fox News anchors’ use of any particular brand or product is not confirmed, and the network does not publicly disclose this information.

Who is Fox news makeup artist?

Several makeup artists work with Fox News anchors in-studio and location. One example is Fouzia Fanane, who has worked as a makeup artist with the network. Additionally, other makeup artists will likely work with individual anchors or are not publicly associated with the network.