What Religion Doesn’t Allow Females To Wear Pants?

You may notice some ladies only wearing skirts or dresses at certain houses of worship. A few faiths have debated what the dress code expects below the waist for decades.

Rules on trousers for females vary greatly between religions. Orthodox Jews, hardline Muslims, and stricter Christian divisions tend towards the most conservative standards. Even Mormons generally prefer modest dresses.

Deeper Life, Bible Church members, will see long skirts alone on ladies at services. Several other religions also ban tight pants that outline figures. Modesty is always the stated goal to please God and community sensibilities.

Of course, individual freedom remains. Not every woman or sect of faith agrees fully or follows such guidelines outside prayer. Still, for these groups, spiritual principles say modesty in clothing, including pants, means honoring traditions…

What religion doesn’t allow females to wear pants?

Pentecostal Denomination (Apostolic Pentecostals)

Women are not permitted to wear pants based on certain Bible passages within the Pentecostal denomination, specifically among Apostolic Pentecostal Christians. The religion believes women’s clothing should be modest.

The passage in 1 Timothy talks about women dressing modestly and not wearing expensive jewelry. Some Pentecostals think this means no pants. Others think the passage only refers to clothes worn long ago, not pants today.

The rules aim to follow traditional gender roles from the Bible. Modesty is very important in how women present themselves. That’s why only dresses or skirts are allowed by some groups.

Cutting hair short or makeup is also banned sometimes. The goal is for women to focus on kindness, not fancy looks. Interpreting the Bible is where different views on pants come from.

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Orthodox Judaism

In the Orthodox Jewish faith, you typically won’t see a woman in pants. That’s because their dress code from the Torah says girls must wear skirts or dresses.

The rule comes from a verse saying not to mix men’s and women’s clothes. They think pants are too much like what men wear. Being modest is very important too.

The Torah passage talks about not wearing the other gender’s outfit. So Orthodox Jews believe tight pants or revealing clothes break this rule. Skirts and dresses that go past the knees are the accepted attire instead.

There can be some flexibility, though. Girls are allowed pants for sports or things where dresses wouldn’t work well. Wearing them at home alone is also allowed by some groups. But in public, you’ll see Orthodox women follow the traditional skirt standard from their holy book.


In Islam, modesty is very important when choosing what to wear. Loose and long outfits that cover the entire body are preferred.

Some Islamic cultures say tight pants that show a girl’s shape must be avoided. But loose pants that don’t reveal the legs can be fine.

Really, there’s no single rule followed everywhere. Different communities interpret the teachings in their own way. Some places may want all of a woman hidden, while others are okay with just pants.

Ultimately, each woman makes her own choice. She considers what her faith and family want and the customs where she lives. Not every Muslim female follows the standards strictly.

Sometimes pants will be worn for practical reasons like work or exercise. Others choose pants to express that rules on dressing shouldn’t be so rigid.

Whether it’s a skirt or loose pants, what matters most in Islam is dressing and acting respectfully and decently according to how you understand your religion.

Beautiful Muslim women friends in modest clothes

Mormonism (LDS Church)

In Mormonism, modesty is a very important part of faith for both males and females. This affects what clothes girls wear to church.

While pants aren’t totally banned, most Morman women choose long dresses or skirts out of respect. This is seen as a way to be humble and show care for their body.

What fits the modesty rules can be different for everyone, though. Skin-tight or very short clothes would likely be issues anywhere. Losing pants maybe not so much.

Religion teaches us to avoid revealing outfits that bring too much attention. But each person can have their own view on this too.

Many Mormon ladies still pick pants sometimes. They feel these can be modest also, depending on how they are. The style may work better for activities like sports.

Overall, Mormons want everyone to dress in a manner showing care, honor, and decency toward themselves and others.

Certain Christian Denominations (Seventh-day Adventist, Protestant)

In certain Christian groups, you’ll notice that most girls choose skirts or dresses instead of pants. These churches think pants can be immodest sometimes.

One faith that encourages modest outfits is Seventh-day Adventists. While pants aren’t banned, many ladies wear long skirts there. This reflects the value of dressing respectably.

Other types of Protestants may say pants should not be worn too. Communities like the Amish strongly prefer dresses to females. They believe trousers are too much like men’s clothing.

For these churches, being feminine and covered up according to their beliefs greatly matters. Tight clothes that show the body are not endorsed.

Of course, styles and modesty rules differ between families too. And some women still select pants occasionally for certain activities.

Overall, such moral clothing codes aim to demonstrate virtue and respect for their faith through appearance in their own way.

Deeper Life Bible Church

The Deeper Life Bible Church believes modesty is important when women attend their services. Trousers are thought not to fit this standard.

Skirts and dresses are considered more respectful by their interpretation of the Bible. Pants may show a female’s shape too much. Being too loose or short could also be a problem.

They want ladies to dress femininely and honor themselves and God. Following these values is thought to be respecting husbands too within their community.

Of course, everyone can have their own thoughts on what fits these rules. Practical needs may mean pants are better sometimes too. Some members may disagree and wear what they pick.

Overall the goal is to dress for church in a humble way that aligns with how they understand Christianity should be shown. But outside services, clothing choice remains individual.

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We have examined religions that place restrictions on women wearing pants. Rules vary significantly between faiths, from conservative to more flexible views. Orthodox Jews, strict Muslims, and certain Christian denominations tend to have the most restraints.

The Pentecostal church believes the Bible calls for modest dressing, interpreted as prohibiting tight or revealing pants by some. Modesty and tradition are highly valued. Orthodox Jews similarly avoid pants due to passages on not mixing genders’ clothes.

Islam emphasizes dressing respectfully according to teachings. Loose pants may be acceptable, but consensus is lacking between communities. Mormonism promotes humility through dresses or loose pants. Seventh-day Adventists and other Protestants sometimes counsel skirts for femininity and decency.

The Deeper Life church thinks modest attire honors spirituality. Individual views also matter within the framework of religion. Not all followers abide strictly outside worship.

These faiths aim to demonstrate virtue through dignified, non-distracting outfits aligning with their spiritual principles and cultural influences. Still, the choice remains personal for those with some flexibility in dress codes.


Are there any exceptions to the rule of women not wearing pants in these religions?

There can be some flexibility in the rule prohibiting women from wearing pants. In Islam, loose pants may be acceptable under long dresses. Orthodox Jewish women sometimes wear pants under skirts for activities or modesty. Some Christian groups don’t ban pants, and women may choose them for practicality. Deeper Life church rules around trousers are strict, but other faiths allow pants in certain contexts like sports or under modest outerwear.

Is wearing trousers as a woman a sin?

There are differing views on whether wearing trousers as a woman is a sin. Some pastors and ministers state it goes against God’s word, promotes immorality, or is an abomination. However, others assert trousers alone are not inherently sinful but a cultural choice, and tight styles revealing the body could be problematic. Since opinions vary and the Bible does not directly address modern trousers, there is no consensus on whether such clothing choices constitute a sin for women.

Is it a sin for a woman to wear trousers to church?

Views differ on whether a woman wearing trousers to church is sinful. Some pastors see it as merely a cultural choice not mentioned in the Bible. However, others interpret passages as saying it is immodest, citing traditions of some churches that strictly mandate skirts alone. Most Christian denominations do not explicitly forbid trousers, though certain groups like Deeper Life enforce dress codes requiring women to wear dresses or skirts for services.

What is the religion where girls can’t cut their hair?

The religion where girls can’t cut their hair is Sikhism. Sikh women keep long, uncut hair as a symbol of their faith and identity. Cutting their hair is considered a violation of this practice.

Are skirts more modest than pants?

Some people may consider skirts to be more modest because they cover more of the body, while others may believe that pants can be equally modest. Cultural, religious, and personal beliefs often influence Modesty. It’s important to note that modesty is subjective and can vary greatly from person to person.