What To Wear To A Massage On Your Period? Top Essential

Getting comfortable during that time of the month can be difficult, but a massage is a great way to relax your muscles and alleviate cramps.

However, you may wonder what the best outfit is for such an appointment. Whether you get deep tissue work or a soothing Swedish-style session, it’s crucial to dress right when menstruating.

The top priority should be preventing any leaks with a tampon, cup, or pad. Another key is choosing clothing, permitting easy access to areas needing work.

Loose-fitted dresses or yoga pants allow a full range of motion and don’t cling in unwanted places. You’ll want your therapist to be able to reach tight shoulders or lower back without impediment smoothly. It’s also wise to wear fabrics that are breathable and soft on tender skin.

Most importantly, connecting with the massage provider about flow level prepares them for giving a pleasant experience no matter where you’re at in your cycle. Effective communication sets the stage for complete comfort in receiving skilled touch even when Mother Nature calls.

What to wear to a massage on your period?

Tampon, sanitary pad, or menstrual cup

Tampons, sanitary pads, and menstrual cups are all essential menstrual products to wear during a massage on your period to maintain hygiene and prevent any discomfort or mess. They provide reliable protection and allow you to relax and enjoy the massage without worries.

  1. Tampon

A tampon is inserted into your vagina to absorb menstrual blood. They come in different sizes and absorbencies so that you can choose the suitable one for your menstrual flow.

Being discreet and comfortable makes tampons a great choice to wear during your massage. It’s recommended tampons should be changed by you at least every 4-8 hours using the least absorbent option.

  1. Sanitary pad

Sanitary pads attach to the inside of your underwear to catch menstrual blood. They provide reliable protection against any leaks that can cause discomfort during your massage.

Pads come in varying sizes and thickness, allowing you to pick the right pad for your needs. Pads are also easy for you to change when needed.

  1. Menstrual cup

A menstrual cup collects menstrual blood inside your vagina. Made from medical-grade silicone or rubber, you can reuse cups for multiple periods.

Menstrual cups offer long-lasting protection during your massage session. While cups require practice for you to insert and remove comfortably, they are more eco-friendly and cheaper than other options in the long run.

Oil massage

Loose-fitting clothing

Loose-fitting clothing is the top choice for being comfortable getting a massage on your period. Yoga pants, leggings, sweatpants, or a flowing dress allow free movement and easy access for the massage therapist. Tight clothes can make the massage unpleasant for you to receive.

Comfort should be the priority when choosing what for you to wear. Make sure to pick something you can take off and put back on without trouble. Remember the room temperature too – warmer clothes for cold rooms or lighter ones if it’s hot.

Cotton is a great material since it breaths well and is soft on your skin. Avoid anything needing dry cleaning, as oils can ruin it. Don’t wear accessories that may get in the way, like jewelry.

While you can stay dressed if you want, it can limit the treatment. Loose fabrics let therapists work on all areas easily using oils or lotions. Most importantly, wearing relaxed clothing helps you to relax and benefit from massage therapy sessions during menstruation fully.


Whether one wears underwear is a personal choice. However, it’s strongly suggested to use a tampon, pad, or cup for hygiene and to prevent leaks during the session.

If choosing to wear underwear, pick something loose, breathable, and comfortable, like cotton. Dark colors help hide any stains, too. Avoid styles that are too tight, as that causes discomfort.

Also, think about how easy they are to remove and then put back on later. The quick changes make the on and off of the massage table simple.

Take note of the room temperature, too. Warmer underwear works well in colder rooms, just as lighter ones are better for hot places.

Let the massage therapist know your preference. They need to understand if you keep underwear on so the treatment can adjust.

Some professionals may ask clients to take theirs off, providing a plastic thong instead. Making sure the area stays clean allows the full benefits of massage therapy.

Most importantly, using tampons, pads, or cups helps one fully relax without worries. Just finding the right underwear balance of modesty and function makes the visit pleasant even while on a period.

Woman receiving a back massage

Towel or sheet

The massage therapist will provide you with either a towel or a sheet to use during your session. This allows them privacy to work on areas while keeping the rest of their body covered. Don’t worry – you’ll stay modestly draped at all times.

As the massage goes on, only the part being treated will be unveiled. The therapist uncovers one section, treats it, and then covers it back up before moving to another spot. If you feel uneasy, just ask them to re-drape.

Some key things: let the therapist know about your period so they can avoid anywhere too tender. Be prepared also – bring extra supplies just in case you need to change something during the treatment.

Finally, stay hydrated before and after. Drink plenty of water so your body can fully relax and recover from the massage.

Most importantly, enjoy forgetting about any worries by surrendering to the soothing hands of the professional. The sheet helps you unwind into a state of complete calm and comfort even while on your period.

Disposable underwear or period underwear

These special types of underwear provide extra protection against leaks, which can give you comfort and peace of mind. Disposable pairs are soft and absorbent fabrics that feel great.

Period underwear offers washable options in many different styles to suit you. They wick moisture away while holding the equivalent of two tampons worth of flow.

Some popular brands for reusable styles are Thinx, Knix, Bambody, and Aisle. No matter which you pick, both kinds allow the therapist easy access but keep an extra layer between you.

That’s important when changing positions a lot on the table. With these on, you won’t need to stress about messes at all.

They’re also convenient since disposable kinds get thrown away afterward. No laundry worries or risk of lingering smells.

Finding what protects you best means total relaxation during treatment. Let all muscles unwind as warmth soothes away tension, even on rough days.

In the end, hygiene and peace of mind help make the visit just as rejuvenating as your period. Choose the protection that fits your comfort most.

Spare clothing and underwear

It’s always smart to pack backup outfits just in case. Bringing a spare change lets you leave feeling fresh and clean. Your new duds make germs less of a worry, too.

Comfy clothes like leggings or sweats let sore muscles unwind after all those deep kneads. Rather than dressing back in wrinkly clothes, switching to crisp new ones boosts your mood.

You’ll feel extra confident headed out the door. Plus, having backups means not rushing if treatments run long. Everything stays wrinkle-free until you choose to head home.

Don’t forget clean undies also! If you need your own, a brand new pair prevents worries. Some places offer disposable kinds instead.

The spa may provide lockers, so stash extras in one if unsure of needs. You can’t go wrong preparing for a totally relaxing experience all day long.

Most importantly, that refreshed look and feel help you carry all the cozy vibes from therapy through the rest of your enjoyable schedule. Be sure to take care after the massage experience.

Woman Having a Massage


Getting a massage on your period can be a great way to relax, relieve cramps, and help you manage pain or discomfort. Choosing comfortable and hygienic clothing or products provides peace of mind so you can fully benefit from the treatment. Effective communication with your therapist allows them to tailor the session to your needs.

By wearing loose-fitting, breathable fabrics and items that prevent leaks, you allow yourself to unwind physically and mentally. Disposable or period underwear adds extra protection if desired. Coming prepared with backup clothes prevents rushing afterward or worrying about smells.

Most importantly, finding what clothes or products offer the right mix of modesty, breathability, and protection empowers complete comfort. This allows full attention on the skilled hands to loosen knots.

Ultimately, the massage session helps carry soothing effects through the rest of your day despite the challenges of menstruation. With the right preparation, you can fully embrace relaxation benefits even during that time of the month.


Is it OK to have a massage while on period?

Yes, it’s perfectly okay to get a massage while on your period. Make sure to communicate with your massage therapist about any discomfort, and they can adjust the pressure and techniques accordingly. Massage can actually help relieve cramping and other menstrual symptoms.

What is the best thing to wear on your period?

The best things to wear for a massage during your period are loose, breathable clothing like yoga pants or a skirt, a tampon, a menstrual cup, or a pad for protection and hygiene. Avoid tight, restrictive clothing that could wrinkle or cause discomfort.

Should I get a massage during ovulation or period?

You can get a massage during both ovulation and your period. Just be sure to communicate with the massage therapist about any tender areas. Massage may help relieve bloating, cramps, or back pain associated with menstruation or ovulation. The therapist can avoid direct pressure on the lower abdomen if needed.

What is the safest thing to wear on your period?

The safest things to wear on your period are tampons, menstrual cups, or maxi pads, as they are designed to absorb menstrual flow and prevent leaks. Make sure to change them regularly as directed. You can also wear Period underwear or disposable underwear for extra protection and comfort.

What massage etiquette should I follow?

General massage etiquette includes arriving on time, communicating areas you don’t want to massage, avoiding excessive talking during the session, and dressing appropriately (e.g. using draping sheets provided). You should also shower before your appointment, if possible, and listen to your therapist’s instructions during positioning, pressures, etc. Good communication is key for safety and enjoyment.